The Poopy List

It has occurred to me that this is a really depressing blog.

I feel that I owe it to my four readers to occasionally give them a laugh, so here goes…

We’ve been working with Grace on potty training, which is to say that Tammy is working on it and my mom is obsessed with it.  I think it’s too early but don’t mind waving bye-bye with Grace to the stuff as it is flushed.

A few months ago some friends gave us their copy of “Once Upon A Potty” a.k.a. The Potty Show.  Based on the novel of the same name, it features a little girl named Prudence who is learning to use the potty and has a wonderful theme song and a music video of real children singing the song on the potty.  The first time we put it on Grace stood like that kid from Poltergeist in front of the t.v. — absolutely transfixed.  We have watched The Potty Show many, many, many times.

The main benefit so far has been to give Grace a vocabulary for what’s going on in her shorts.  She now knows ‘poop’.  The concept of poop has been a little disconcerting for her so we have reassured her that everyone poops.

Now there is a list.

The conversation takes place during the poopy-diaper change, where it is no longer sufficient to say “everyone poops” — we must list specifically who poops.  It started off with mama, mommy, baby Hope, Cosmo, Rafikki…just our house.  Now the list has take on a life of its own and Grace adds and subtracts to the list, but according to what criteria we’re not sure.

The list is getting pretty specific.

Always Cosmo, Cos’ poops first.

Papa Gary has the distinction of going straight to #2 on the list and is the only grandparent mentioned by name.  This is a new addition, but apparently very significant, Grace needs lots of reassurance on this matter.

Other mee-mas and papas

mommy and mama and “B-Ho”

The Care Bears


Who and what else is on the list kind of depends on what’s on her mind–elephants, uncle Dokie, Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger too have all at one point been on the ‘poop list’.

I’ll keep you informed changes to the list as they occur.

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