Road Trip

Yesterday Hope and I hit the road for our first out-of-town adventure.  We’re now at Uncle Troy’s house in Venice Beach helping him get ready for Yuma’s 9th birthday party on Saturday.  Yesterday we hit the farmers market to order beef, buns, and Yuma’s doggie cake and today we’re going to Smart ‘n’ Final to get most of the rest of the menu.  

Normally I really enjoy long drives and the chance to get out of the house by myself but for some reason I worked myself into a tissy over this trip.  But the drive was fine, we made it without stopping and the traffic never got too bad.

The weather is beautiful and the air is much cleaner than home, though not as clean as I had hoped.  Unfortunately my allergies are really acting up, or I have a cold.  Either way I have become a total pansy about being sick.  My sore throat and runny nose could best be described as annoying but I’m feeling much worse than that.  Oh well….

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology I’ve been video chatting with Grace and Tammy since we left.  I can use iChat on my laptop and we have the same program on the desktop at home, so we can chat over the internet and see each other.  Grace seems to like it, though she seems mostly interested in seeing Yuma.  Today Grace hit me (on the computer screen) because I scolded her — but mostly she kissed the screen, I guess the monitor is now a big sloppy mess at home.

Grace and Tammy will join us here tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing them.  Until then, I’m going to try to beat whatever it is that is ailing me so I can have fun on Saturday.

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