Family Reunion

My girls are back together tonight.  Grace and Tammy got here just before noon with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Gary.  Grace was happy to see me but she was elated to see Unkie Dokie and Yuma.  She has been going nonstop since they got here, no nap — nothing, but she has been remarkably pleasant.

Unkie Dokie’s house is kind of a death-trap for kids, but Grace is a lot better behaved than she was last year so although she is still into everything she responds better to “no” and “stay away from that” than she used too.  The biggest concern right now is keeping all the doors closed because she can be halfway down the street in the blink of an eye.

One of Troy’s neighbors has a little boy that is two months younger than Grace, he came over tonight and she was so happy to see another kid.  She kept hugging and kissing him until they settled into playing with Troy’s knick-knacks and Yuma’s dog toys.  Grace spent the first few minutes with Conrad identifying all his parts — and I do mean all of them.  To our relief though it seems that Conrad is also rather poo-obsessed too these days.  The party should be entertaining tomorrow night, since Grace is pretty much eye-level with everyone’s butt I think the guests at Yuma’s party will be getting a refresher course in their own anatomy tomorrow.  Later this evening the Goodyear Blimp flew over the house.  We can safely say that Unkie Dokie’s house is the most magical place on earth as far as Grace is concerned.

We did get to make our walk through the canals today and had lunch near the beach.  After lunch we stopped so Grace could get a scoop of ice cream…o.k., I wanted the ice cream and I used my child as an excuse.  We haven’t made it to the boardwalk yet and I’m not sure that we’ll make it tomorrow.  I’m a little behind schedule now, I didn’t do any of the cooking I had planned to do today because of my cold.  I ended up just napping this afternoon then Tammy and I went to Walgreens to get more cold medicine.  I have a feeling I won’t be doing much cooking tomorrow either, I don’t think I should handling food.  Fortunately we’ve got a lot of extra help and the menu is pretty simple and easy.  I am dying to get down to the boardwalk to buy cheap t-shirts and tennis shoes for Grace and Hope.

Grace and Hope had their first joint bath tonight, it was a little tricky because Tammy had to hold Hope while I washed her and babies get really slippery.  Hope has settled in to her vacation pretty well, Wednesday and Thursday she was pretty anxious about her new surroundings but today she seems to be more comfortable.  I’m sure having Tammy and Grace around has helped.  

I forgot to bring the powdered formula that we have been using to fortify Hope’s breastmilk so I’ve been trying her out on five ounces of straight breastmilk (instead of 4 oz. fortified).  She’s taken all of her feedings really well so I think we can safely say that our fortifying days are over.  Also, I’ve been giving her the milk I pump (instead of bringing four days of frozen stuff and storing what I pump) and though I have cut back to five pumpings yesterday and today I am still outpacing her.  We have a few more vacations in the next couple of weeks so I’m pretty relieved to be able to drop a pump.  It’s nice to have the added security of 1.5 months worth of milk in the freezer just in case my supply does drop and I have to rebuild it I won’t have to worry about not having enough for Hope.

Don’t you just love knowing all this stuff about my boobs?

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