Party Update

Yuma’s birthday party is well underway, I’m taking a break at the moment–guess why!  The sliders and fries are being gobbled as fast as they are coming off the grill and the fried mac ‘n’ cheese is awesome.  Troy hired a couple of professional cooks and they really know what they’re doing so we’ve all been able to just relax and enjoy everything.  I did get to cook a little, earlier today I cooked the bacon and carmelized the onions and in the process fell in love with the propane-fired flat-top grill Troy rented to do the burgers.  

Grace has made a good friend this week in Conrad, the little boy from around the corner.  They are a perfect match of adorable and active.  We’ve called “dibs” on him and are quite relieved to have the business of who Grace will marry taken care of.

Hope is doing o.k., she’s clearly overwhelmed by all the activity so we’re only bringing her out for short visits and then we go back to our room and I stay with her as long as she’s awake because she does not like to be alone.  Also, under the right conditions she can roll herself over so we have to be careful that she doesn’t roll so that she covers her face because she cannot lift her head.  

Hope is actually very squirmy these days, she definitely prefers facing out when she’s being held and wants to lay on her side whenever possible.  She still lays on her incline pillow after meals but she is not content there for long.  Somehow she manages to wriggle her way down the pillow and then depending on what position she’s in she might be able to roll to one side.  Usually she just winds up looking like a human pretzel.

Hope is becoming more generous with her smiles and giggles.  Her laugh is developing some tone.  We are still unsure what makes her laugh for the most part.  Tonight I found out that she really likes it when I sing Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore.”  She was smiling, kicking, and laughing up a storm  (for her).  I only wondered briefly whether I should encourage her affection to a song that praises pizza and pasta fagiole.

I’m off now to replenish my personal dairy supply with a big chocolate milkshake…

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