Sinning in the big poo…

Grace loves a poo.  Little poo, big poo — doesn’t matter.  She loves to sin in the poo.  She puts on her sinning suit and sins in the poo.  She’s been taking sinning lessons this summer at a big poo.  She likes to sin like a feetch.

Today she jumped into the new poo at Grandma Kathy’s & Papa Gary’s with her clothes on and Tammy had to jump in after her to save her from drowning in the poo.  It wasn’t that dramatic really, she just stepped of the wading step into shallow water too deep for her to stand in and Tammy was in after her almost as fast as she did it.

She was a bit shaken up though, a healthy poo scare I say.  I just hope it doesn’t stop her from sinning.

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