Back by popular demand

…and by popular I mean Kari & Christa.

I honestly cannot tell you what I’ve been doing the last five days, it’s all a blur — but here are some snapshots:

I had to take Hope yesterday to have blood drawn in advance of the growth hormone therapy, she is a hard poke just like me.  Her veins are almost impossibly small to draw and when they do hit, the blood flows so slowly that it starts to clot in the tube.  They just barely got enough to run the tests.  The HGH came today and is safely in the refrigerator, we also got a box of needles and special insulated bags to tote everything around in.  We’ll start the injections next Tuesday, that’s the earliest we can get in to the endocrinology clinic for our training.  Tammy’s a lot more anxious to get started than me, she has much higher expectations than I do.  It’s not that my expectations are low, I just don’t have any.  I figure that Hope will do what she’s going to do and the drug will do what it’s going to do and I am content to just wait and see what happens.  

I have warned Tammy that I will be conducting random, unannounced urine tests to make sure she’s not doping on Hope’s HGH.  So if you’re at our house and see a glass with something yellow, it’s not lemonade.

We’re pretty sure Hope has the chickenpox, what started as “baby acne” is now definitely not.  She just has a few pox, but they definitely look like pox now and not pimples.  She’s probably had them for a week.  Grace had a relapse of chicken pox about a month ago so I should have been more alarmed when I first spotted the bumps on Hope’s arm last week, but it was only two.  Today she’s up to four or five, I’m not too worried — I didn’t think she was feeling good, especially over the weekend at Atascadero, I thought she was warm because of the heat but now I’m pretty sure it was a fever.  For some reason, my vigilance as a mother totally skips diagnosing illnesses in my kids.  I am always a week late in recognizing when they’re sick.  

If you haven’t noticed by now this is another new website, the whole thing has been redone again.  Something in the coding of the third-party creation I was using before was causing all kinds of issues.  I hope I’ve resolved them by going back to a Mac-created template.  I’ve learned enough over the past few weeks to tweak this one the way I want it.  I have learned that Internet Explorer is just not the optimal browser for anything, but a good enough computer should be able to overcome that.  If things load slowly for you, I’m sorry — have a beer while you wait.

We’re heading out of town for one more vacation before Tammy goes back to work next week (don’t ask me about that, I don’t want to talk about it).  I spent most of yesterday preparing for the car trip.  I’ve got a harness to hold the portable dvd to the back of the carseat; an iPod adapter to play our tunes through the car stereo; I downloaded about twenty podcasts and five hours of children’s books to iTunes yesterday so we can listen to the Sesame Street podcast and Hop on Pop on the way to Tahoe.   I also got a firewire cable so I can transfer our video tapes to the computer to dvd while I’m up at the Ridge.  I’m a little concerned with the Wi-Fi situation up there.  I may have to drive down to the casino to get online, but I am determined to blog up there.  I am also determined to hit a few buffets — other people lose money at the craps table, I blow mine on shrimp and cheescake.  Maybe I’ll buffet ‘n’ blog.

I’m working on a few little things for the site that will be revealed soon.  There is new stuff to see on the pages already, new links, solicitations for money, and a new podcast — so get off my back people!  

Well, the bottles are full — that’s right, I pumped ‘n’ blogged — I’m back baby!

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