No, You shut up!

Of all of Grace’s movies, my favorite is Brother Bear — and not just because Tina Turner sings the opening song.  I love the story, but my favorite part is a short scene with two mountain goats arguing with their own echoes.  You can see the scene I’m talking about at 1:55 in the YouTube video below.

It’s not always a bad thing to be stuck in your own head, although in addition to being a lonely place (sometimes), it can also become a hiding place — and a hostile one at that.  I’m my own worst critic, I know.  I’ve blogged in part to deconstruct what goes on in my head, to gain some perspective.  I have to admit though, that I am not above shouting at my own echo and sometimes I just need to shut up.  

I read this today, it says it all…

It is so hard to be silent, silent with my mouth, but even more, silent with my heart.  There is so much talking going on within me.  It seems that I am always involved in inner debates with myself, my friends, my enemies, my supporters, my opponents, my colleagues, and my rivals.  But this inner debate reveals how far my heart is from you.  If I were simply to rest at your feet and realize that I belong to you and you alone, I would easily stop arguing with all the real and imagined people around me.  These arguments show my insecurity, my fear, my apprehensions.  You, O Lord, will give me all the attention I need if I would simply stop talking and start listening to you.  I know that in the silence of my heart you will speak to me and show me your love.  Give me, O Lord, that silence.  Let me be patient and grow slowly into this silence in which I can be with you.  Amen

from The Dance of Life, by Henri Nouwen

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