These dreams


I had another weird dream.  Before you ask — I got up around 2:30 a.m. and finished off the curried pineapple fried rice from our Thai outing on Monday.  I’ve got some weird knot in my back that only seems to act up in the evening, making comfortable sleep pretty impossible.  Added to which, Hope has become a rather rambunctious bed buddy.  I finally gave up and headed for the couch after I had my snack.

So I’m at church, and though the people from my current church are the characters, the building is the church I grew up in.  The service was decidedly more “costume-y” than what we do…imagine Vatican meets Liberace (or is that redundant?).  Anyway, it was communion Sunday but instead of the usual shepherd’s bread, somebody brought an enormous, 20 M&M-Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Also on the platter were an assortment of Mexican breads and Oreo cookies.

This bothered me on a number of levels…first of all it was not a pretty cookie–it was mishapen, had poor distribution of chips, inconsistent thickness, and uneven levels of browning around the edges.  The presentation of the platter was also sloppy…there was no care put into the placement of the items on the platter.  Then there was the fact that the visiting chidren’s choir (in very Vegas garb) and  other parishoners kept sneaking to the back and stealing bits of cookie during the sermon.  

Ultimately it was the utter inappropriateness of a big, ugly cookie as the symbolic body of Christ that really upset me and the dream quickly became one of those weird, angry dreams where you just get so worked up that you actually wake up angry.  Proof though that I have completed my metamorphosis to a Methodist, I took the issue to committee where I persuasively argued that we should go back to using regular bread.

So that’s my latest weird dream.

Tammy tells me all the time, “maybe Hope won’t have a really strong pre-occupation with food, not all of them are major food-seekers.”  I don’t know if it’s optimism or denial…but honestly, what are the odds that she got two of my 15th chromosome but won’t inherit my preoccupation with food?  You think cookie and Coney Island dreams are bad…I haven’t even even told you about my recurring pie dream yet.

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