Things are changing around here…

Let’s start with me, because I know you’ll stop reading after Grace & Hope.  I’m becoming “special needs mom” –invites for the support group went out last week, I’m considering some special training to become a parent advocate down the road, and now I’m going to bug you with this and insist that my seven avowed readers and unknown numbers of anonymous stalkers (we’ll get to you later…) do this and forward it to everybody you know (click on the link below):

Will you spend a few minutes by Monday to help direct a share of $2.5 million to PWS research?
Jessica Howard, mother of 3-year-old Riden who has Prader-Willi syndrome, proposed the Fight Obesity with a Cure for PWS project on American Express’s Members Project site ( The number of people who endorse (“nominate”) this project online by Monday is a key factor in determining which proposals go to the next round. Both AmEx cardholders and non-cardholders may participate, though there are a few extra steps for non-cardholders.  AmEx will not share your email address with any other organization and if you opt out on any future emails from them, they will quickly remove you from their list.  It’s as easy as a few clicks!
American Express explains that “Members Project is an exciting initiative that brings people together to make a difference in the world. It’s simple. People go online to share ideas for projects – and ultimately vote on which projects will share $2.5 million in funding from American Express. In 2007, Members Project provided clean drinking water to children all across Africa. What will Members Project do this year? The decision is yours.”

I did it, it’s no big deal, I gave my oldest email which I never use so even if they do spam me I’ll never see it anyway.

Now on to Tammy, again, you’ll stop reading after the cutie-pie updates.  Tammy was notified today that her school has officially gained International Baccalaureate status.  For those of you who know her, this has been a nine-year odyssey filled with trainings in faraway places, late nights, weekend recruiting fairs, etc….  Late last school year they were notified that they had been rejected and we were all so disappointed and Tammy was devastated.  They made some adjustments and submitted them, but kind of assumed that those things they weren’t able to fix were going to keep them ineligible…today they found out they were wrong.  IB is an academically rigorous program, kids who successfully complete the High School IB program graduate with a full years worth of college credit, recognized by UC and Ivy-League schools.  This is a big deal.

Then there’s Grace…started daycare on Monday, stopped sleeping in crib Monday.  Just like that.  She’d been climbing out of the crib with ease over the weekend and I watched her do it on the video monitor multiple times on Monday afternoon.  I finally just gave up on her and hoped she’d fall asleep in her toddler bed–which she eventually did.  That night she wanted to sleep in her toddler bed and though she was a little nervous, I only had to sit with her for about an hour.  She fell out of the bed in the middle of the night and Tammy put her back in her crib.  Yesterday though it was naptime in the bed and bedtime in the bed, two stories, no hour-long vigil, and if she fell out she got right back in.  She is a squirmy sleeper (as you can see from the photo above), but the bed is only 18” off the ground and we put a bunch of pillows next to it, so the fall is probably only six inches now.  I’m hoping she’ll be potty-trained by Saturday.  I kind of have a feeling her potty training might be like that, or at least I’m really hoping it will be.  One day she’ll just say, “I’m done with diapers.”  I need to get some pretty, big-girl underwear to entice her….yeah! a reason to go to Target!

And Hope, I wish you could see her…you would not believe the impact the HGH has had.  No she’s not picking up her head, rolling over, sitting up, talking, smoking, or driving yet — but she is different.  Last night we were all in bed watching Bee Movie (our nightly ritual, for about 20 minutes before Grace goes to bed — between that and all the Seinfeld I watch while feeding Hope she’s going to think Jerry Seinfeld is her father) and Hope was just pawing at Grace, reaching for her, grabbing her, talking to her.  She doesn’t paw at me or Tammy that way…Grace was even a little taken aback by all the attention and we had to reassure her that baby Hope wasn’t trying to hurt her, she just really loves her and wants to touch and hug her.  So Grace gave her a big hug and kiss and then tried to scoot away a little so she could watch her show in peace–to no avail, Hope just kept at her…it was amazing.  

Finally, and this is a downer–sorry, I have tried not to get political in my blog.  I try not to talk politics much, I prefer to vote with my wallet — but not vote my wallet — and just ignore all those people who are wrong because they disagree with me.  But I am making an exception today…as many of you know, Tammy and I got married on June 27, ten days after the California Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage took effect.  When the initial ruling came down I was absolutely shocked.  I knew the court was reviewing Prop. 22, but really didn’t expect — even in California — that the decision would go our way.  I did not realize just how important the issue really was to me, I think it’s easier to pretend you don’t care, until that decision was announced.  

I followed all of the news leading up to when ruling would go into effect very closely, secretly expecting some 11th-hour announcement would upend the whole thing. I was glued to the t.v. on the eve of the “big day” and all morning on the 17th to watch how the media would portray the whole thing and what the public reaction would be.  Without a doubt, the most memorable and significant image of that week was the marriage of Phillis Lyon and Del Martin at SF City Hall…even if you don’t know their names or their significance in the LGBT community, you know who they are — the two little old ladies, one in a wheelchair, whose faces were all over the place both times the mayor of SF decided to marry gay couples.  The sight of their last, legal marriage, was one of those thousand-word images that illustrates, better than any speech or blog, why marriage matters.  

Today Del Martin (the one in the wheelchair) passed away at the age of 87, with her wife Phyllis by her side. From the email announcement I received: 

As was her wish, in lieu of flowers, gifts can be made to honor Del’s life and commitment by defeating the California marriage ban. To make a gift, please click here:

With Del’s passing, we mourn the loss of a champion not only for LG

BT rights, but also for the basic human rights due to all people. Del will always be an inspiration to those of us who follow the path to equality she blazed. 

I realize that I am probably preaching to the choir in this forum, but maybe there are a few on the perimeter who still need a little encouragement to stand with us…no..stand for us.

In Memory of Del Martin-Lyon


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