Tell me what I want to hear…

I am tired of pumping.  I know that I will be totally pi**ed at myself if I quit completely, but I think I want to drop to four times per day and maybe gradually cut it back from there.  I’m at least two months ahead of Hope with frozen stuff, and we could always stretch that out by going back to fortifying.  The predicament is that the formula gave Hope reflux and I feel guilty about cutting back my pumping to make me more comfortable at the expense of her comfort.  I really wanted her to be on breastmilk for the first year exclusively but I’m just really tired of the pumping routine.  Tammy says that in a couple of months she won’t even be the same baby, maybe she’ll be ready for a little cereal.

I’m torn, so I’m looking for positive reinforcement that I’m not going to ruin my child by relieving myself of one pumping per day.  Comment please.

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