Things to look forward to


Now that I’m relieved of the pumping schedule I’m feeling antsy…like six months of cabin fever coming to a head all at once.  I went out last night–Whole Foods & Sushi; this morning–The Dark Knight; tonight–sushi again.  It’s not just the pumping that I’m relieved of, Hope has been taking bottles from Tammy with no problem–I have no responsibilities here whatsoever!  I’m so happy that I’m not going to have to leave another party early to pump & feed, at least not until the next one comes along (hint-hint).  So…on with the list:

1.  Disneyland.  You’ve just spent the last six months of your life hooked up like Elsie the Cow at least two hours  per day–what do you want to do now?  I’m going to Disneyland!  Next month we’re going to make our first pilgrimage as parents to the happiest place on earth.  I am so excited to be taking Grace to Disneyland, she may still be a little young but I think it will be fun.  I can’t wait to fill up the memory card on the camera with pictures of the girls–we’ll have to get one of Hope with Winnie the Pooh, as he is the only celebrity with Prader-Willi I’m aware of.  I’m especially looking forward to having one of those Disneyland-strollers–you know, the ones with balloons, souvenirs, bottled water, and churros protruding from all angles with a sacked out kid in the seat.  We’re taking our babysitters with us, so maybe Tammy & I will be able to sneak away for an evening on our own too.

2.The return of Sushi & Beer Night.  It’s back!  Actually, it never left.  But since I don’t have a church meeting this Wednesday I’m going to make it a little later and closer to home–7:00p.m., email me for the location.

3.  Movies!  This summer I managed to see Iron Man and The Dark Knight.  Turns out I’m really into movies based on comic books.  I saw TDK at the IMAX theater this morning–that was a trip!  There are only six or seven scenes filmed in the IMAX format, but man are they worth it!  I’d never seen an IMAX movie before, now I’m totally hooked.  There’s an IMAX near Disneyland, hopefully there will be something worth seeing down there in October.  I used to go to the movies all the time, but in the last five years I’ve only seen ElfThe PassionIron Man, and TDK in the theaters.  I’m going to start treating myself a little more often with a movie I think, I don’t get to watch many around the house anymore–not counting DumboBee Movie, andRatatouille.  

4.Hope’s Baptism.  We’re going to have Hope baptized on October 12 and hopefully have a big party afterward though I’m not really sure if/how that’s going to happen yet.  I just feel like there was so much more drama than joy surrounding Hope’s birth, I’d really like to have a celebration for her.  Hope you all can make it.

5.Christmas.  No particular reason, I’m just feeling kind of giddy.

6.The return of my favorite sitcoms.  Almost all my dysfunctional reality-show buddies are on hiatus now, onlyProject Runway is left.  That leaves me with Seinfeld and a lot of PBS’ Nova & Frontline.  The Seinfeld is good, but the PBS stuff, while educational usually just depresses the hell out of me.  Speaking of PBS, they’ve got a new show on PBS Kids, Martha Speaks, a dog eats alphabet soup…guess what happens?  It’s a very clever show and Tammy & I are convinced that Martha is the reincarnated soul of our old dog, Emma.  It’s definitely worth watching.

7.Crafting.  I’ve got a partially-made blanket and birth-record for Hope that I was working on before she was born.  

8.Library Book Sale.  Our library has used book sales twice a year.  Last year I must have bought a hundred books for about thirty bucks.  I called this week to see when the next sale is, it’s just a few weeks off so I’m super-excited about that.  I love buying books more than any other purchase, kitchenware included.  I can totally indulge myself and not have to worry about breaking the budget.

9.Hidden-picture games.  This is a weird one.  I have really crappy taste in video games, I admit that I love totally brainless games like Cake Mania and Diner Dash.  I downloaded a game from the MacGameStore called Burger Shop, where you make…guess?  So they sent me a whole CD of demos.  There are a bunch of games in the mode of Cake Mania…a hair salon, veterinarian, farm, hotel, smoothie shop, dog groomer, etc…  After I exhausted all of those games I tried some others and discovered a whole new genre of time-wasting computer games–hidden pictures.  I’m totally addicted to those now.

10.  The Zoo.  Now that the weather is cooling and we’re off the schedule I’m looking forward to getting back to our weekly visits.  Grace & I used to go every week but we haven’t been much since February.  

That’s just a partial list, I’d like to do a little bit more traveling though I have no idea how that’s going to happen…but maybe a day trip here or there might be doable.  Oh, and I’m sooooo looking forward to wearing a regular bra—soon.

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