One kid’s monster…


Several nights ago, amid the hysteria that has become bedtime, Grace informed me that the above-pictured Hop on Pop plush doll was, in fact, a monster.  I removed the offending toy from the toybox and took him to my room.  Not knowing what else to do with him, I put him in Hope’s crib.  Hop on Pop is now Hope’s best friend, she talks to him, grabs him, holds him, and falls asleep whilst gazing into his dead, plastic eyes.

For the last few days I’ve been experimenting with feeding solids to Hope.  Mostly I’d say that Hope has been unimpressed with my efforts.  I’d been mixing the rice cereal with breastmilk — there is no margin for error with that stuff!  If you add just a drop too much milk it’s way too runny, so you add more cereal–too thick…before you know it you’ve got a vat of mush.  Today I tried a different recipe, one inch of mashed banana, one Tablespoon of rice cereal, enough warm water to achieve a mashed-potato consistency.  I strapped Hope in her feeding seat and put the bib on — “ugh, this again?”

Then she tasted it.

This kid has the most expressive eyes.  Her big, beautiful blues got really wide as she worked her tongue around the cereal.  SCORE!  She likes it, she ate the whole bowl — no gagging, choking or bitter-beer face.  

Am I nervous about this progress?  Sure.  But for now I’m going to just try to savor the sweetness of bananas and rice.

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