Monkey do

I’m thinking of taking Grace in for some genetic testing, I’m fairly certain she’s part monkey.  Here’s the list of things she’s gotten into in the last 24 hours:

  1. Dumped out and inverted toy bin to climb onto top of dresser, stood on top of dresser and removed everything from the shelf above dresser — including ceramics, piggy banks, books and dvds, without breaking anything and without waking me up (it was naptime) even though I had the monitor on and positioned three inches from my head.  She was going for the second shelf but only managed to knock down the video monitor camera.

  2. Climbed into portable crib in living room and stood in it to remove things from top shelves of bookcase.

  3. Climbed into big crib in my room while Hope was in it, while I was in the shower, to do what — I don’t know.

  4. Discovered that she really didn’t need the toy bins to climb on her dresser (since I removed them), climbed onto dresser in order to pull video monitor camera off wall where it is now mounted since I moved it after incident #1.  I also had moved the dresser away from the shelves, but that apparently does not make it less attractive to climb.

  5. Not the least bit deterred by baby gate to kitchen anymore, flings self over gate, goes to our drawer of miscellaneous stuff and flings toothpicks all over the floor and eats birthday candles.  Actually, she sits in her chair at the table with the candles, demands birthday cake, then eats the candles.

Incidentally, when I caught her today on the dresser after her nap it was because I looked at the video monitor and saw her face and hands…a dead giveaway since the camera is now mounted six feet up on the wall.  I did the best “burst” into the room I could manage on one foot and grabbed her from the dresser, started to let her have it and do you know what she did?  She grabbed my face with both hands, said “I love you mama” and kissed me on the lips.

Evil genius.

This is just the last 24 hours people.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with her tomorrow.  I can’t chase her.  I’m going to duct tape her to the wall.

In other Grace news, she will not sleep in her bed, only in her tent.  I found a Little Mermaid Ariel Megahouse Playhut last night that is large enough for her bed, must add to Christmas list.  I put pillows on the floor of the little tent but I don’t think I think we can do better.  My other option is to suspend a hammock from the ceiling, line it with bamboo leaves and bananas and maybe some ivy.

Changing subjects, a handful of friends and family members received calls from me this afternoon around 1:15 p.m.  Fortunately for most, they missed my call.  I stubbed my toe on the bed and snapped a ligament in my little toe (something Hope found extremely funny, she laughed up a storm from her crib while I writhed around in pain on the bed).  Lucky Papa Mike was home for lunch so he got to come over and mind the madness around here (until Kenia-babysitter-extraordinaire arrived) while I went to urgent care to get an x-ray.  No broken bones, though from the look of my foot at the moment you’d never guess that.  I knew something was terribly wrong as soon as it happened, in addition to the “snap” I heard there was no mistaking that my toe was clearly pointing “outward.”

Mema picked the girls up on her way home and once Tammy got home we went out to do some shopping for church.  Poor Tammy, she wasn’t supposed to have to help with the shopping but I can’t exactly walk right now.  I got to use her crutches from her foot surgery last year.  I remember as a kid always being envious of people who got to use crutches, not anymore.  So I hobbled around Smart & Final and then Whole Foods.  Tomorrow should be very interesting, I’m supposed to cook at church and manage Grace on one foot.  

Oh yeah…duct tape.

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