I will write this blog tomorrow…


I have really outdone myself this week.  I have raised the bar of my own capacity to procrastinate to new and amazing heights.  Tonight my folks took the girls so that Tammy & I could go grocery shopping for Base Camp.  BC is a weekly meal/service at our church.  The idea was to provide a place where people could come mid-week and refuel, spiritually and otherwise, we call it ‘Base Camp’ because our congregation is very witty and comprised of mainly gay sherpas.  Just kidding….or am I?  Part of the program includes dinner, that’s where I come in.  Each week, excluding summer and when I’m having babies, I and a small band of cohorts plan, shop, and cook dinner.  The majority of our dinner guests actually come from the neighborhood that surrounds our church, and most of them are children.  These neighbors of ours face daily challenges I can’t begin to wrap my head around but for one evening a week, I hope, we give them a little respite and some good company.

Cooking for sixty isn’t much of a stretch for me, just ask Tammy.  It’s taken me eleven years to hone my dinner-making skills to accomodate the two of us.  Not so long ago I would cook something and we’d be eating it for a week…and I’d still have to freeze half.  Poor Tammy would come home and ask “what’s for dinner?” and I’d say, “Jen’s Surprise,” which was code for: “it” has now become a casserole. So cooking for a crowd is not that big a deal.  Planning for it though, that’s another story.

Last year, I had meals with shopping lists planned four weeks in advance, I was obsessed…if you can believe that…with every minute detail of the meal process.  Every meal had to be different, unique, never repeat a protein two weeks in a row, etc…  

This year is a little different.  After I had Hope and we got the PWS diagnosis one of the first things that crossed my mind was that my participation in Base Camp was pretty much over.  I really had to drag myself back into it and though I am glad I did, it is for me one of those places where a “clock is ticking” — in that I know, or think I know, that eventually I’m going to have to give it up because this kind of food involvement for me, with Hope, doesn’t seem practical in the long-run.  And that worries me because well…that’s all I have to say about that (for now).  Tammy says that just because a clock might be ticking, that doesn’t mean I have to stare at it all the time.  See…somebody calls me on my c**p.  In any event, I’m just planning week-to-week.

So where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, procrastination.  This week I’m doing the shopping, I’ve had volunteers do it the last two weeks but this week all I needed to buy was chicken so I figured I could handle that.  

Dinner is served in 17 hours, and I have no chicken.  

We started at Whole Foods where I hoped to find that there might be a good sale on the really big chicken legs so I could splurge a little since there’s nothing else to buy this week.  There was not.  So we decided to go get dinner and then I figured we’d just end up at the grocery store or maybe Costco.  As we’re driving toward our favorite little Thai restaurant I see the sign for Obama headquarters so I swerve into the parking lot because I know they’ve got a little Obama-gift shop and I want a yard sign–because yard signs win elections, and mine will tip the scales.  

Now I have to admit here that I’ve developed a little spending problem.  I’ve become a bit of a stress-shopper.  I used to be a stress-eater.  After Hope was born though I was kind of pissed off at food for awhile so I didn’t do the stress eating so much.  Not to worry, I’m recovering from that…just ask my pants.  At first it was periodic, then daily trips to BabiesRUs and Target to find the perfect nipple, the one that would make the feeding tube magically disappear.  Later it was the perfect pillow to elevate Hope beyond her reflux and arching, then the mobiles, toys, textures, all those things to stimulate the Prader-Willi right out of her.  The old car seat wasn’t good enough, neither was the old bath seat or baby monitor.  Then I really got on a roll…my pumping routine dictated the need for a laptop computer and while we’re here we might as well get a new desktop system too…you know, save on the gas.  Then there was the wedding, which you only do once and we deserve a break today.  Then there was the three-month sushi binge.  Then, as I reeled my spending in and my waistline out, I cast another ridiculously large net…the Wii diet (I don’t even want to talk about it.)

So where was a going with this?  Oh yeah, procrastinating.  So now we’re at the Obamall.  I got my yard sign, then I saw “THE WALL OF HOPE…and t-shirts.”  Well, I simply must see what they have in infant/toddler wear because my children you know, they have no clothes.  We pick a couple of little shirts and then all of the sudden Tammy wants a t-shirt too so of course I have to get one.  We hung out for a few more minutes, just kind of digging the vibe there.  It smelled pretty there too.  That’s weird, I’ve gone too far.

Finally we made it to the Thai place and I’ll let you guess what I babbled on about for an hour.  As we left I announced that we must go to Mervyn’s and get Grace new slippers.  I have bought now three new pairs of slippers for Grace in the last two weeks because toddler slippers are designed by engineers who apparently have no idea how to fit a toddler heel into a slipper.  Her adorable giraffe boot slippers from Target are impossible to get on.  Last Sunday I went to Mervyn’s because they’re going out of business and so I went to scavenge.  I bought Grace slipper set #2, Ariel shoe-slippers, which she loves but she can’t get them on or off and I can just barely get them on and this dilemma has resulted in many tears this week.  So I knew they had Ariel slip-ons, but not anymore, so I just got the next size up of the other slippers…and a few more clothes recently marked down on clearance.

Then we came home.  Where was I going with all of this?  

Oh yeah, I still have no chicken.

I’ll get it tomorrow.

P.S.  It’s been far too serious around here lately and I’d like to apologize for going full-homocrat on all of you the last few days.  I’m going back to my virtual zookeeper career and have started a second life to keep me distracted from this one.  I just want to make on more little political comment, at least until my next political comment–I’d like to personally thank the distributors of the new Sean Penn-Oscar-vehicle film Milk (which I am soooo stoked about, I am just a huge fan of dairy) for not releasing their film before Election day. 

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