No news was good news

Most of the last week I was flying solo while Tammy was away at 6th-grade camp.  For those of you are interested, she did very well, only wet the bed once and we are hoping that next year she’ll be able to go to camp with the other 40-somethings.

Grace was exceptionally well-behaved which has led me to conclude that my sweet, mild-mannered wife is a horrible influence on our daughter.  Or maybe Grace was just really depressed at having to spend the entire week with grumpy, indoor mama as opposed to equal time with phenomenally-patient, outdoor mama.

Hope is still “on the mend,” she’s got a little lingering chest congestion but has been eating very well so I’m not too concerned.  Last Friday we all went out to dinner and it was the first time that Hope had been in the car since the trip to the hospital last Tuesday.  Oh my God, the look she gave me when I snapped her into her car seat was absolutely heartbreaking, I almost fell to pieces in the driveway.  She expressed similar concern the first few times in the car after that but seems to have been lulled back into complacency.  She still has an outstanding lab order for blood levels ordered by the endocrinologist, and it will stay that way — there’s no chance that I’m taking her to get her blood drawn in the near future. I don’t care if she stays at her current HGH dosage (actually, it just got raised 33% anyway) for the time being, it’s just not worth the torment.

Besides being simply adorable, Hope is continuing to become more active and animated.  Tonight, in a major milestone, she grabbed both her feet with both hands and pulled them to within two inches of her mouth.  You wouldn’t know what a huge accomplishment that is if you weren’t asked twice a week by your OT, PT, or early interventionist if she’s doing those types of things.  

I’ve kind of shoved special needs mama in the closet for the time being, not because I’m reverting to the state of being totally unwilling to be her…but I do savor the moments when I’m able to forget that I am her.  I enjoy my girls very much, and I enjoy the simplicity of just being able to delight in them for who they are and on their terms.  I’ve come to dread the weekly trips to EPU, I’m sure it’s just a phase and I expect it is one that will come and go, in some form, for the rest of my life.  Maybe it’s burnout, maybe it’s the redundancy of it, maybe it’s circle-time (which still suu-uucks) I’m not sure.  All I know is that I would rather be anyplace else (except the hospital) with my girls at the moment and that is probably also the main reason I’ve not been doing as much family blogging lately.  Things are just very, very ordinary on balance and I don’t want to jinx it or over-analyze it.

So anyway, we’re all home now and looking forward to the week ahead.  Tammy’s looking forward to riding her new bike (yes, another bike…I think I should get a baby for each new bike she gets–which means I’m due a baby about now); I’m hoping to catch a few movies, who knows if that’ll happen–but as long as I get to sleep in a few days, we’ll call it even.

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