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The Year in Review

What a year. Last year at this time I was pregnant and should have been about halfway through my pregnancy, but due to Hope’s “inappropriate timing of labor” I was a mere three months from delivery.  We still had three … Continue reading

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It takes exactly two-and-a-half hours to get from my home in Frestopia to my in-laws home in Atascadero.  I know this because I have made this drive three times in the last three days, and each time it was a … Continue reading

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My Christmas miracle

My most cherished holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies.  When I was a kid, all of my cousins, my sister, and I would go to my Grandma Hope’s house and bake Christmas cookies all day long then have a slumber … Continue reading

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OMG! We’re the worst parents ever…we totally suck!

The trip to my folks house from ours is a short one.  Three minutes by car, 15–tops, if walking.  There is only one stop sign on the way and on the northeast corner of that intersection is Grace’s former daycare … Continue reading

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This is what happens when I drink caffeinated beverages

I pulled Grace out of daycare.   Oh crap. I’d better remind Tammy to pick up some Crystal Light on the way home, who knows what other trouble I’ll get myself into. Actually, I can’t blame it all on the … Continue reading

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Buzz kills and silver linings

Tomorrow is Prader-Willi support group day.  I’m not dreading it, but I’m not exactly looking forward to it either.  I suppose I should have expected that there would be times that I would be ambivalent about the group and should … Continue reading

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Princess Poopy Pirate’s Pampered Chef Party, sponsored by Oil of Olay

Hello, my name is Jennifer.  I am the mother of a fecalphiliac. Yesterday was bad.  Very, very bad.  There were many casualties, including some plastic royalty and endangered species.  Today was not as bad as my little “artist” was caught … Continue reading

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