The Year in Review

What a year.

Last year at this time I was pregnant and should have been about halfway through my pregnancy, but due to Hope’s “inappropriate timing of labor” I was a mere three months from delivery.  We still had three cats, four if you counted Grace who was just 1 1/2 and driving me crazy…as opposed to 2 1/2 (and still driving me crazy).  I think we spent last New Year’s Eve at home, recovering from our Christmas trip to Atascadero, and were all in bed long before midnight.  I think it is safe to say that I was probably grumpy.  I think it is also safe to say that this New Year’s Eve will look remarkably similar, except that I have a cold this year.

I think that 2008 will go down as the year of the cold, for me anyway. I’ve had a cold since June.  In fact, from now on, when you think of me, just assume I have a cold and I’ll let you know when I don’t.

January and February are pretty much a blur, I can tell from the photos that Grace was not yet climbing everything in sight because she still had her cube chairs.  But she was getting a little more “helpful” with her bedroom decor, as you can see from the picture of her bedroom after she emptied her dresser but had not yet started using poop as a medium.  It appears that Grace was in the chunky phase of a growth spurt at the start of the year, but soon worked off the extra chub no doubt scaling the walls of her room.

We were still going to the zoo on a weekly basis and I was cooking up something every Thursday night at church.

In the wee hours of the morning on March 11, laying on the couch after yet another sleepless night thanks to the baby using my rib cage as a jungle gym, my water broke.  Yes, on the very same couch you sit on when you visit my house.  Less than 12 hours later, Hope Louise entered the world (officially) at 5 lbs, 0 oz.  It was the easiest labor I could have hoped for, and judging by what came afterward…was God’s little consolation prize.

Just a few days later, March 16, we heard the words ‘Prader-Willi’ for the first time and what followed you can pretty much read for yourself in the archives.  Hope came home after 8 days in the NICU, with a nasal-gastric tube for feeding.  She was tiny, but probably far less fragile than we were.

If January and February are a blur, then I don’t even know how to describe March, April, & May.  I know they happened because there are pictures.  We were getting adjusted to the “new normal” (an expression I still hate just as much now as then).  We got set up with CVRC and EPU for OT, PT, Early Intervention.  There were lots of doctor’s appointments with specialists, sleep studies, swallow studies, impossible-to-draw lab work, but by June Hope was set up on Human Growth Hormone.  I was still hooked up to the breastpump every three hours, and used my pathetic condition to convince Tammy to let me buy a laptop computer.  Still being an emotional wreck, and pissed off at food, I was channeling my grief into shopping and so I came home with two computers and thus, the Rink girls converted to Macs (yeah! Macs rule!).  Hope finally weaned off the NG tube in June.  Grace had a birthday in May.  Also in May, though much earlier, the California Supreme Court overturned Proposition 22 and paved the way for legal gay marriages, so Tammy & I decided to have one on June 27.  

A few days after the wedding, July 2, I started this blog so if you want the juicy details on the rest of the year you can relive it to your hearts content in the archives.  I’ve become addicted to blogging in the last five months, I now have three blogs that you know of.

So instead of recapping the last five months I’ll just make a bulleted list of…well, whatever I want:

  1. Trader Joe’s:  TJ’s is awesome, I want to work there.  It’s affordable, and they have some real “finds.”  My favorite finds of the year, TJ’s Organic Ketchup…never thought I’d find anything as kethcupy as Heinz, but TJ’s is my new fave, and has a little kick.  Speaking of “kick” TJ’s tartar sauce made with dill and jalapeno…we’ll it’s just yummy right out of the jar.  TJ’s creamy salted peanut butter is solely responsible for 10lbs I’ve gained since July.  At the top of the TJ’s shopping list though is their Organic, Grade B real maple syrup…I’m dying for a plate of pancakes with syrup right now but thanks to the peanut butter I’m on a diet.

  2. Best three minutes of 2008 (besides the first three minutes after my epidural): November 4, 8:00 p.m. PST – 8:03 p.m. PST.  CNN and the rest could barely wait for the polls to close in California to project Barack Obama the president-elect of the US.  I cried, I admit it.  Everything after 8:04 p.m. PST totally sucked.  For me the downward spiral of political suckage has yet to wane but I gripe about it elsewhere.

  3. Number of times Hope rolled off furniture: 2

  4. Length of Grace’s daycare career: three months

  5. My favorite new t.v. channel:  Baby’s First T.V.  Yes my children watch t.v., tons of it.  My children are the ones that will be cited as “extreme examples” of television viewing.  Baby’s First T.V. is a 24-hour channel of Baby-Einstein-ish programming.  The segments are only about 3-5 minutes long, perfect for my attention span.  Many of the segments have no dialogue, just music and pretty pictures of sea turtles or something.  I especially like Baby’s First T.V. after dark, when everything is dialogue-free and classical music and lullabies play in the background.  My favorite BFTV program is Sandman, I have watched so much of it that I know that there are really two Sandmans and I can tell them apart by the way they throw the sand on the screen.  The “newer” Sandman sucks, in case you need to know that.  I also like watching the t.v. mobile and the beach and animal scenes.

  6. Facebook.  I haven’t decided whether I love it or hate it, but I’m working on being less of a slave to it.  And just so you know, I accept flair but you can keep your hugs and snowballs to yourself.

  7. RSS Feeds.  They are intellectual crack that keep me up all night long.  I hate them.  But Tammy hates them even more.

So that’s it, at least that’s all I’m typing about it.  This year certainly didn’t turn out anything like I had planned.  I have no grand, philosophical lesson to share.  It’s just life, it happens.  Tomorrow will be the start of a new year, but as a day it will be just like any other, I’ll be holding Hope and chasing Grace…with a runny nose.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

P.S. Grace peed in her toybox while I wrote this.  Happy New Year!

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