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Prader Willi in the news: Mom Fights For Sons Life

  Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome are considered a higher risk for respiratory infections.  This story came in through my RSS today, we are also with Anthem Blue Cross and were similarly rejected for the Synegis vaccine because Hope has, thus … Continue reading

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Why Parents Should Always Check Their Children’s Homework

from Telling Secrets: A first grade girl handed in the above drawing for a homework assignment. After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note: Dear Ms. Davis, … Continue reading

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Would you, could you?

This is kind of long and rambling…I swear it wasn’t that way in my head. One of the few non-political blogs I read regularly is Terri Mauro’s Special Children Blog on  She’s passionate, yet practical, and not afraid to … Continue reading

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All of the sudden Hope has decided to grow up.  I mentioned a few of her most recent accomplishments last week, to which I can now add two more:  she has made it abundantly clear that she has had it … Continue reading

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Otters holding hands.  Grace says, “aaaaaaaawwwwww, dare so cooooot!”   Thank you Auntie Diane. more about “Otters holding hands“, posted with vodpod

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Grace in unlikely places

This isn’t about this Grace:               It’s about this grace:                         Those of you who know me, or read the other blog, know … Continue reading

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Hope’s Progress

In just the last week Hope has: clapped waved banged two objects together transferred and object from one hand to another started babbling consistently crawled–yes, crawled.  OK, so it was only about an inch of forward movement, but still.  The … Continue reading

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