I tend to aim very low when writing New Year’s resolutions, I like to set myself up for success.  The only resolution I have ever really kept for the whole year was in 2005, when I resolved to drink more beer after seeing a Food Network show that claimed the average American drinks a six-pack per week.  What the hell, I thought, I’m patriotic–I should do my part.  I did increase my beer intake significantly that year, though I am still a below-average American.

This year’s resolutions however, seem to be getting bolder and bolder…

  1. 1. Lose 20 pounds.  I’d like to get to pre-Grace weight.  I already lost my Hope-weight, although I will have to lose ten pounds of it again now.  I’ve already started my diet, I’m doing a modified Atkins-induction for the next two weeks–pretty much nothing but fish, spinach, eggs, tofu, and a little cheese.  I’m riding the bike two hours a day, one hour first thing in the morning and another hour after dinner.  I lost 50 lbs like this several years ago, I won’t be able to keep up the routine once Tammy goes back to work but hopefully this will at least give me a jump start so I can at least establish some good habits.  I’m really a creature of routine, so if I can get a new routine established in terms of what I eat that will go a long way to improving my weight…and the fact that I don’t mind eating exactly the same thing day in and out helps too.  I know I won’t be able to ride the bike two hours a day, I’ll just aim for the one hour after dinner and maybe incorporate a walk into the girls and my daily routine.  My motivations for losing weight are absolutely terrible, so this is going to be a tough one to keep.

  2. 2.Have another baby or give up completely any thoughts of ever having another baby, and to be fine with either decision.  I’m 35 now, the magic number for “high risk” pregnancies.  If I don’t do #3 this year, it’s probably never going to happen.  I want #3 and desperately wish that lesbians had more unplanned pregnancies, but that’s just not how it works.  If #3 is going to happen there are a lot of prerequisites that have to be met:  my weight, I need to raise some funds (making Pampered Chef a virtual certainty), and we need to win a minivan.  Sometimes I think that I could be totally fine with two, usually these moments follow Grace-related, poo-related incidents.  Other times, like last night when the four of us were in bed watching Winnie The Pooh, I look at the bed and think, “one more would be perfect.”  I always wanted three, there are three in my family, three in Tammy’s…I don’t know, three just seems like the right number and always has.  Of course, all the  “not knowing” about what the future will be like with Hope kind of throws a wrench into everything and adds a whole new batch of pros and cons to the “should we or shouldn’t we?” conversation.  A few months ago I thought that I was settled with two, I thought the biological clock had been permanently silenced, as it turned out it was just a prolonged snooze.  The clock is ticking pretty loud and it provides the most delusional of my motivations to lose weight: “If I get down to my pre-Grace weight, Tammy will reward me with a baby.”

  3. 3.Learn to sew. My grandma Hope got me a really nice sewing machine for Christmas.  I read the manual the other day while riding the bike and may as well have been reading Chinese.  Fortunately the machine shop includes classes with the purchase of new machines, so I have to call this week to see what the new schedule is and get my butt in there.  I am actually very excited about it, I love crafty but practical things and I’m a sucker for the “sewn-things” tables at craft fairs.  I am a little ambitious though, I would like to learn how to use patterns and actually make clothes–especially pants for Grace, she’s a 3T in length and a 18m waist, anything that’s long enough just drops right off her nonexistent hips and peanut-butt.

  4. 4.Get back to the zoo on a regular basis.  We barely got our money’s worth out of our zoo membership last year, before last March we had been going on a weekly basis.  Now that Hope is strong enough to carry in a sling and Grace is a little more mindful, I’m anxious to get back to our weekly excursions.  Hope needs to get out more, she’s not a newborn anymore…she’s almost ten months old.  By the time Grace was 10 months old she’d probably been to the zoo twenty times.

  5. 5.See a broadway show.  Not on broadway, SF or LA would be fine.  I’ve never seen a show like that before, but I like musicals…I wonder if anyone is planning a stage adaptation of Yentl?

  6. 6.More date nights, but definitely not on Sunday nights. Our last three date nights, all on Sundays, were spent mostly driving around trying to find an open restaurant and being ultimately disappointed with what we found.  Tam & I need to get out more with each other and our friends to do grown-up things like dinners that last longer than 5 minutes and don’t end in tears, and going to movies that are not animated.

  7. 7.Less internet activity.

  8. 8.Less political activity.

  9. 9.More Indian food.*

  10. 10.  Definitely more beer.**


*unless I’m pregnant

**especially if I’m NOT pregnant

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