Party Planning

What shall we do to celebrate Hope’s first birthday?  It’s less than two months away.  Personally, I think that if anyone has earned the right to eat birthday cake topless with her bare hands, it’s me.  Still, the tradition dictates that the privilege is reserved for the child.  But the questions remains, what shall we do?

I’m trying not to make the party planning a land-mine-strewn, emotional task, but to take a look back over the last year and especially to remember what happened the day Hope was born and how quickly things went from unexpected to unimaginable…well….

…enough about that.

It’s a little tough though, with Grace we knew by this time that she would have a flamingo party.  We were going to the zoo weekly and the flamingos were her favorite.  We borrowed pink flamingos from church, planted them in the backyard, found pink flamingo favors and decorations and pinked everything else.  Grace was starting to walk, starting to talk, she was totally weaned and eating solids and drinking from a sippy cup–she was able to really “participate” in her party.

With Hope of course it is different.  I don’t have the same sense of relief in reaching the one-year mark, for one thing.  And while I realize that a lot can happen in six weeks, she’s obviously not going to be a typical 1-year old.  We’re just now getting her back onto solids after taking a couple of months off.  She’s tolerating them fine but we’re firmly in the mashed/pureed food stage.  Hope isn’t self feeding yet, I tried a week ago with finely diced bananas but she wasn’t ready.  That’s another one of those areas where I’m torn between not forcing the issue because she’s doing fine where she’s at and not forcing the issue because I just don’t want to….damn, didn’t I say enough about this?

O.K., themes.  I’m a big believer in the party theme.  It doesn’t have to be a commercial theme, I don’t need to go to the party store and clean out the Elmo section, but I do like things to coordinate.  So, what does Hope like?  Well, we know she likes beads, music, and glittery/metallic tissue paper.  Mardi Gras, right?  March 11 is two weeks past the official Mardi Gras date this year but it’s in the ballpark.  I thought that was a pretty great idea until I remembered that Mardi Gras means “fat Tuesday” and is basically an excuse for gluttony before lent.  Suddenly the concept of a Mardi Gras party for a kid with Prader Willi was just a little too ironic, and not in a good way.

So Mardi Gras is out.  Next idea…

We know that Hope loves Grace.  We could do a Grace-themed party, tape her pictures to plates, cups, and balloons; tape them to toothpicks and stick them in cupcakes.  But we already live a Grace-themed life, it might be nice to focus on our other child for one night.

So Grace is out.

Hope absolutely loves music, more than anything else in the world.  If you’ve been around Hope, you’ve seen her bob and sway with music (and without) — and we might be just fooling ourselves, but I swear that kid can keep time with the beat.  She loves the choir and bell choir at church, maybe we could book them…although that would be a little tight in our house.  I could cross my fingers and hope that Hope will be ready for beans by March and we can have a fiesta, complete with Mariachi band.  She is 1/4 Mexican after all, and it would give my mom and aunt an excuse to get drunk on Margaritas which would make them very happy.

So Fiesta is a possibility.

March 11 is really close to Saint Patrick’s day, and though it bears no relation to any of Hope’s interests, it would be an excuse for a keg party and a chance for me to get drunk on beer which would make me very happy.  But this isn’t my birthday party.  

Then there’s disco….

Music?  Check.  Beads?  Sure, why not.  Things that are glittery and metallic?  Uh-huh.  Disco isn’t exactly known for it’s cuisine (unless you consider cocaine a food group) so we’re safe there.  But there’s still enough of an excuse for drinking to appease the “thirsty.”  I could make cupcakes that look like disco balls.  Lot’s of fringy, beady, and shimmery favors and decorations.  I’m kind of liking this one, I’m going to throw my baby the gayest 1-year birthday party ever.

P.S.  Grace’s birthday party is pretty much set at this point, though it is still more than four months away.  She’s having a “crap” party.  Since she’s in love with dice, we’re going to play craps.  She loves to eat crappers and cheese.  She is also teaching B-Ho how to crap-crap-crap with the music.  The only “crap”plication I think we’ll leave out is crap-art.  It’s so nice when the kids get older and they can tell you what they want.

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7 Responses to Party Planning

  1. Christa says:

    You forgot the Vegas showgirl theme. She loved the lights on her crib. You may want to throw in the stripper pole. A little Wayne Newton in the background. I’m sure she would love a feathery headdress. Grace would love the dice. We could still have drinks. Oh the possibilities. I vote for Vegas Night!

  2. Kari says:

    Sorry, I know you said Mardi Gras was out, but… C’mon, topless baby + frosting + shiny things… It’s too good. Forget Fat Tuesday. That’s just what those losers in the Tower District call the whole thing because they have no French Quarter. You need GUMBO!

  3. Mommy Dearest says:

    If you go topless, I might just have to be drunk.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I think we’ll reserve Vegas night for Grace, she’s really into stripping and running the house naked lately…besides her love of dice and lights.

    I do love me a good Gumbo, and purple is Hope’s color.

    I guess nobody like disco night though….oh fiddlesticks, back to the drawing board.

  5. Susan says:

    I vote for getting Olivia drunk -whatever the theme. If margaritas are the thing-so be it. And I LOVE the pic of Hope with this blog.

  6. diane says:

    I think a wii party would be fun. Everyone can eat and drink and then have their “real” age publicly determined by that wii thing. (signed, “70′)

  7. eriksenreyes says:

    I like the Disco theme. I found these suggestions for food from

    Let your friends feast on fabulous flavors of fondue! Serve different types of cheese fondue as your appetizer. Cook up spicy chicken, Mexican, or teriyaki fondues as the main course. Of course, chocolate fondue is for dessert. Finger food and buffets are useful since your guests can eat on the run and dance up a storm to your funky music. Try these processed foods: Gobstoppers, Tang, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Pop-tarts among others. Dr. Pepper, Coke & 7-Up are musts. Bugles, onion dip, Necco wafers are old standbys.

    I have fondue pot from my mothers wedding…very 70’s Disco green!!!

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