OMG!!!! Pancakes!!!

I’m back to obsessing over pancakes.  The Atkin’s jump start didn’t last as long as I’d hoped.  In my defense, by Friday of the first week I was practically falling over.  I guess old people just need a carb every now and then to keep running.  

I haven’t totally fallen off the wagon, I’ve still got one shoe stuck in a crack while rest of me dangles over the edge.  Worst of all I may have accidentally stumbled across the key to almost perfect pancakes….bacon grease.  

Now before you go off thinking that I’ve totally lost control, no– I did not make the pancakes in bacon grease.  I just microwaved a pancake with a couple of pieces of bacon on top.  Then I tasted the pancake.  It was good.  

Now, if the following admission makes me a total truck-stop-diva, I don’t care:  I love Denny’s pancakes, they’re my fay-brite, to quote Grace.  When I crave pancakes, I crave Denny’s pancakes.  Of course, I never go to Denny’s because I also crave fitting into single-digit jeans.  But every homemade pancake I make or eat is  just a huge disappointment, something is always missing.  That something may be bacon grease.  And I think we can all cede the possibility that Denny’s does make their pancakes with bacon grease.

btw, I made that pancake up there…for Grace, because I really do love her.

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One Response to OMG!!!! Pancakes!!!

  1. Kari says:

    I would die for a pancake right now. And if it was from Denny’s, I’d die twice. I am a truck-stop-diva, too. Denny’s is like.. My favorite.

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