Good Kitty

This is Rafikki, our cat — our only cat now.  A year ago we had three cats but lost two within a month of each other to old age and cancer.  That was a bummer.  Rafikki is the only one left and he is such a sweet, affectionate cat.  He sits on the window sill outside of Grace’s room every afternoon and she talks to him through the window when she is in there for her nap.  I think that it has become part of his routine to sit there and wait for her to come to the window.  Rafikki used to be an indoor cat, all of them were, until Rafikki decided that Grace’s toys needed marking.  He doesn’t venture far from our house anymore, especially since he lost his companions.  Mostly he goes from the front yard to the back yard….though I hope to God that’s not where he found this rat.

This is the second rat that he has brought home.  The last one he brought when Grace was barely six months old and it was alive.  I was on the floor with Grace, who was starting to crawl.  Rafikki was meowing at the door to come in, Tammy let him in and almost immediately started hollering “he’s got something in his mouth!” followed by “drop it! drop it!” and “oh my God it’s alive still!  it’s running!”  I jumped up onto the couch, leaving Grace on the floor to be devoured by whatever “it” was.  Good mommy.  We cornered “it” amidst the wires behind the massive computer desk.  The next day my pest control guy came early to officially catch “it.”  That rat, like this one, was not your typical ugly, black, greasy rat.  We have very pretty rats in our neighborhood.  Fortunately Rafikki killed this one and just left it outside the front door

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2 Responses to Good Kitty

  1. Christa says:

    My first dog Raffiki…Lion King?

  2. Mommy Dearest says:

    Maybe this rat ate your carmel corn.

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