All of the sudden Hope has decided to grow up.  I mentioned a few of her most recent accomplishments last week, to which I can now add two more:  she has made it abundantly clear that she has had it with the bottle, she wants nothing to do with it…at all.  She is at exactly the same age Grace was when she also decided that she had had enough of nursing and went 100% on solids and a sippy cup.  Hope has the same independent-streak of her big sister…o.k., and me (poor Tammy.  I’m fighting with her to take at least one bottle — just before bed — when hopefully she’s too tired to fight me.  

So now I’m scrambling to remember what I fed Grace at this age and struggling to adapt it so that I can get enough into Hope to meet her caloric needs.  Funny, I never worried about Grace meeting her caloric needs, I just kept a steady stream of foods available to her and she grazed as needed.  I can’t quite do that with Hope, she doesn’t yet have the pincher grasp so finger foods aren’t an option.  

I’m trying to get her accustomed to texture in foods.  Last night she had a little bit of rice with butter and cinnamon and she handled that pretty well.  Usually she gags on anything with too much texture–you would have thought she was choking on a hambone the other night when I gave her a taste of Spanish rice at Fernando’s.  

Yesterday, Grace, Hope, and I made our first joint visit to the grocery store to stock up on food choices for Hope.  We bought cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, whole milk plain yogurt, applesauce, canned butternut squash puree, canned sweet potato puree, and whole milk.  Later I went and got myself a food mill that I can cart around in the diaper bag.  Hope actually has a pretty good repertoire of foods she’s become accustomed to.  My main concern now is getting enough fat and protein into her…hence all the cheese and yogurt.  That reminds me, I’ve got to get a pot of beans started…Hope likes refried beans–that’s my girl!

The second new accomplishment is on display in the pictures, Hope’s core strength is steadily improving and though she cannot yet sit without assistance she prefers to be upright as much as possible.  This little activity center was a Christmas present from Grandma Kathy and Papa Gary.  We figured that it was worth a try to see if she was ready for it so Tammy put it together on Sunday (with Grace’s “help”).  Hope is quite steady and secure in it and enjoys the toys — but mostly I think she just enjoys the perspective and independence.  She can’t walk herself around the base just yet but it’s good for her just to sense weight on her legs.  One thing we are definitely sure of now, after seeing her success in the walker–this kid needs a jumperoo!  She loves to bounce and seeing that she has the core strength to keep herself upright in the walker has settled us on getting her one for her birthday.  I scoped them out at Amazon and Babies ‘R’ Us and have narrowed it down to these two:

the Baby Einstein Musical jumper, which gets points for sturdiness, musical options, and minimal crevices for spit, milk, mushy Cheerios, and god knows what else to get stuck in, and

the Fisher-Price Laugh ‘n Learn Jumperoo, which gets points for being extremely bouncy but not much in terms of music and toys.  Of course that begs the question, what is she really going to be doing in the jumper?  I’m not sure how integral the toys are to the bouncing experience, the music on the other hand….I’m kind of leaning toward the Baby Einstein, maybe because it appeals to my aesthetic, but also because the Fisher Price one seems like a baby slingshot…I can just see Grace coming and leaning on the jumper while Hope is in it, then letting go and launching Hope to the ceiling.

In other news, Hope had a check-up with the endocrinologist yesterday.  Just a periodic check-in, no big deal.  She weighed in at 16 1/4 pounds and 22-something inches.  She’s growing right along the third percentile in weight and tenth in height–about par for the course for my kids.  The endo left her dosage for HGH unchanged, however he did order labs (again) and this time we were actually able to get them done — one poke, a slow draw, but better than what we usually have to endure.  I’m hopeful that once the labs are in we’ll get a phone call to increase the dosage as Hope is already at the upper weight limit for her current dosage, so we’ll see.

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One Response to Sprouting

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Jen,
    It’s me Jenny–Ella’s mom. She is a jumparoo queen. We just got the inexpensive horse one and she LOVES it. She is a simple toy child (due to the PWS?), and this jumparoo is perfect for her. I have “Oh, Susana” burned into my brain, but it’s okay.

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