Behold the parrot

Is there an echo in here?

Grace’s vocabulary is growing exponentially these days.  Often when Tammy and I are having a conversation, we’ll hear the last word of every sentence repeated from wherever Grace is.  We’ve gotten a lot more careful about the words we end sentences with.  Grace is a sponge for words right now, she always wants to know the names for things and practices using her new words with delight.  For a while she wouldn’t try to pronounce big or unusual words, she’d keep asking what something was until you gave her a word she could manage.  Now we can sit her down and tell her to “repeat after me” and more often than not, she does.

But there are other phrases that she is just picking up on her own and a few days ago I had one of those “oh crap, I must be saying that too much” moments.  I remember a PSA years ago that featured a kid playing with dolls who were re-enacting the parents’ latest nasty fight, an exchange that one of the parents happened to stumble across to an absolutely mortified reaction.  I’ve nervously wondered which of my less than charitable remarks she would repeat at an inopportune time.  My nightmare is that, upon seeing someone talking on their cell phone at church, she’ll yell out “I wonder how you’d drive with that thing thing shoved up your …”, well…you get it.

So, back to my moment.  It happened a few days ago as I was sitting on her bed while she and I were playing with her 23 sorting bears.  I know there are 23 because I have counted them many, many times.  At some point I asked for a hug and kiss, to which she responded with, “No.  I too busy right now mama, I working.”


Every now and then, when I need a minute or two…o.k., or five or ten…to myself during the day to decompress, think, or go to the bathroom…and Grace comes looking for me, I’ll tell her that I’m busy “working.”  She seems to understand and most times she gives me my space and entertains herself.  Having learned a phrase that works to buy me some peace and quiet, I have perhaps taken advantage and begun to use the phrase too loosely and too frequently.  And two days ago, I got nailed for it.

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One Response to Behold the parrot

  1. Mommy Dearest says:

    Ok…I’m pretty sure Grace said, “bunch of crap” the other day. ha-ha You need to pay the piggy bank big time.

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