Just a little update

all hail the princess

Nothing to do with anything, just a picture of the princess.

I haven’t really felt like writing much lately, I probably should anyway…especially because I don’t feel like it.  Hope has the bug, but so far she seems to be holding her own.  She’s stuffy but coughing, and I’ve moved her back into the bed so that she’s elevated while she sleeps.  Feeding has become a challenge, since she refuses the bottle and hasn’t mastered the sippy–getting fluids into her is very, very tough.  And what are you supposed to do when you’re sick?  Drink lots of fluids.  So instead, we’re pushing foods with lots of fluid…unfortunately, Jello –while it counts as a fluid, does not have many calories, nor does applesauce, or pureed butternut squash.  At least I can add butter to the applesauce and squash.  

It’s just beyond ironic to me that I am putting a tablespoon of butter into Hope’s meals, searching for the highest fat-content ricotta cheese, trying to load every spoonful with as many calories as I can and that one day it will all be exactly the opposite.  

I am angry and bitter right now.

“Enjoy them while they’re little….”  somebody said to me recently.  I try.  I try to be grateful for my extended stay in baby-land.  But it’s what is behind that statement that makes me worry.

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One Response to Just a little update

  1. maya says:

    Completely understandable. My advice, is get it down on the page. I just found getting it “out” really helps. Cheaper than therapy, I always say. Hang in there. Leo was a baby for WAY longer than he had any business being so. : ) And of course, he continues to be delayed. Sometimes I still get really mad and frustrated about this. But I look at his baby pictures and then I look at him and he is so not a baby anymore. He’s a big tough kid. Somtimes I miss that little Leo baby. Life is funny.

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