Monday, Monday

Everything is back to normal it seems, I snapped a little last week but I guess that goes with the territory.  Today is just another day, the first in a long week for the girls and me.  Today we did what little grocery shopping I can tolerate, and only because we we’re out of chicken nuggets and applesauce.  Tomorrow is PT, Wednesday is early intervention, Thursday we’re at church, and Friday we’re back at EPU for the third time in one week.

The reason we’re at EPU 3x this week is because I’ve been selected–try not to laugh–to be on a speaker’s bureau for parents of children with disabilities.  We, apparently, speak around town and wherever else our stories might be relevant–like to groups of pediatric residents — to give the family perspective on raising children with special needs.  Additionally, there is some new-family mentoring that we’re trained to be available for.  We’ll be trained to tell our story in 3-, 5-, and 20-minute lengths.  I may hold off for awhile on the mentoring part.

I know what you’re thinking — “how many f-bombs can she fit into 3 minutes?”

Personally, I wonder that myself.  I also wonder what graphic to put with the powerpoint slide–“take your ‘range’ and shove it.

Anyway, the initial trainings are grouped together over the next few weeks and then we meet once a month for most of the rest of the year.  I’m not sure exactly how frequently we’re called to speak, but they feed us — and I think I can manage to reign it in for a free lunch.  I was a bit concerned when I went to the first training last Friday, I was not in a good place exactly.  But the emotional qualification enumerated was “basically emotionally intact” …so I think I still qualify.

Well, there goes the buzzer for the last batch of brownies….gotta go.

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2 Responses to Monday, Monday

  1. Vicki says:

    Enjoy the brownies…. and good for you on the family mentoring thing… I think you will find it a very healing thing to be a le to help other families….
    You are stronger than you know….

  2. Gma Helen says:

    I agree with Vickie…and I love you.

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