Bathes with Wolves

Grace introduced me to her imaginary friends at bath time last night.

They are wolves.  

Their names are Shermiss and Jeremy.

Tammy got all freaked out and says it’s because we don’t pay enough attention to her, that she has to create imaginary friends for herself.  Yeah right, Grace is starving for attention.  “Get used to it,” I told her, “this is only the beginning, she’s going to have entire civilizations she conjures up.”  Of course, this is the same Tammy who “played” with the wolves for an hour before I got home from the gym, solidifying their existence.

I’ve been looking forward to the imaginary friend stage, I may make up a few of my own.

Shermiss and Jeremy apparently live in the bathroom–they’re there right now– they eat fruit, and are small enough to hide under the footstool we sit on next to the bathtub.

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One Response to Bathes with Wolves

  1. Christa says:

    I would like to ask Grace if the wolves like bubbles, or just sitting under the step by the tub? I think we will be able to classify their specific species once we know!

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