If my arms weren’t so sore…

…I’d slap somebody.

Here’s the story…

Grandma Kathy came to take Grace out for the morning so I figured I’d take Hope with me to the gym, and get my workout in this morning rather than having to wait and abandon Tammy and the girls on a Friday night.  I won’t tell you the name of my gym, I’ll just tell you that it falls between GB2 and GB4.  The onsite childcare is really neat and colorful, and reasonable.  Of course the whole point of my going to the gym is to be able to get out without the girls, but there is a really big climbing structure that Grace would love and row after row of swings, jumpers, and exer-saucers — I figured that every once in awhile the girls could come with me.

So today was B-Ho’s turn.  I checked her in, picked out the jumper I wanted her in, put her in and she was happy as a clam, bouncing up and down.  I didn’t tell them about the Prader-Willi — what difference does it make anyway?  I told them she was one, she doesn’t crawl and she doesn’t walk — she likes to bounce or be in the saucer.  I went off to do my workout, I came back an hour later.

Where is she?  No jumper, no saucer, no Hope.

The lady who had just checked me in couldn’t remember me, then she did, then she started looking for Hope.

Can I just tell you how FREAKING AWFUL those three seconds were? Until she “found” her — on the ground, on her tummy, at the entrance to the “toddler pen.”

I picked her up, “You can’t put her on the ground like that.  She doesn’t crawl yet.  She’s not a typical 1-year old, she’s a little delayed.”

“Well, she got to here, we put her down over there.”

“OK, so she scootches a bit, but she’s not very fast — she needs to be in a bouncer or swing.”

Of  course, with every step I took out of the gym — and since — I’ve only grown more enraged.  She’s 16 lbs of low-muscle-tone sweetness, on the floor, unattended, with a two-dozen toddler feet running around her.  But never mind that she could have been trampled, it’s a dirty floor for crapsakes!

So, that  pretty much blew my post-workout warm-fuzzies.  I ate some birthday cake and took a nap — pretty much rendering the workout useless.  I’m in the dumps, not at all the way I wanted to start the weekend.  

Next time I try to fit in a mid-day gym trip, if I ever try it again, Grace can go with me and Hope can go hang out at the church office…I’m guessing the church staff is going to take a sudden and increased interest in my physical fitness.

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2 Responses to If my arms weren’t so sore…

  1. Kari says:

    >:o What crap. I’m sorry Jen. I’d have been livid. I wonder who the eff they hire for those childcare positions.

  2. Vicki says:

    Makes me think of when my oldest son was a newborn (20 years ago…wow I’m old)
    I was a reagular in the gym before I got pg. with him. Even during the first part of my pg with him I would go and do light work out. So after my 6 week check and the ok from the Dr to resume all activities… I packed him up and headed to the gym… they had this really great onsite childcare… or so I thought.
    I nursed him before I left the house but being a nervous first time mom, also brought along a bottle of breast milk just in case.
    I left him asleep in his carseat with his diaper bag packed next to him. Lets not even talk about the workout… I hadn’t worked out in months and had gained almost 50lbs… and nobody told me that once I started jumping around in an aerobics class that my milk would let down and I would be wet to my knees with breast milk…. not a pretty site!!!
    So…. after my workout, I return to find my 6 week old baby, still in his carseat on the floor surrounded by toddlers waving toys back and forth and one little boy sitting next to him petting his head… rather roughly… and the final blow…. the bottle of breast milk I had packed was propped up with a blanket and Ryan was guzzling it down!!!! To say I flipped out would be an understatement…. I ended up canceling my gym membership after that!
    Hope today is better… go for a walk outside… its great exercise and a great way to clear your mind and lift your spirits.

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