Bugs, monsters, and a very early morning

Grace had her first real “nightmare” this morning.  

4:05 am to be exact.

There were bugs in her bed, crawling on her.  I’ve got a hunch the bugs looked like this…

Obviously, the moral of the story –being brave–did not sink in completely.  I’m kind of glad it didn’t — I’ve sort of looked forward to the nightmare phase too — you get all the cuddling of cold & flu season…without the vomit.

Apparently I’m a huge fan of toddler neurosis.

She’s definitely my kid though, bugs freak me out too.  To be totally honest, I haven’t watched Webster (or the new Charlotte’s Web) for precisely that reason.  Spiders scare the crap out of me.

Tammy got to her first, while I shrugged out of my Ambien haze.  She was clearly beyond a pat on the head and “go back to bed,” so she came into our room and snuggled up beside me in bed.  It took her quite awhile to totally “wake up,” anytime she started to doze she’d go right back into the dream and the bugs were everywhere.  Finally I stopped trying to get her to go to sleep and we talked about what was in her dream.  

There were monsters too, I’m guessing these guys…

Before you jump to conclusion that we just fill Grace’s head with bugs and monsters before bedtime there is one important piece of information to consider…

Two days without a nap.

She was overtired, she had a late dinner…

…and we filled her head with bugs and monsters before bedtime.

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