I’m totally hooked on Yoga.  The only thing funnier, probably, than watching my half-Hobbit physique try to get into most of the positions is the fact that in high school I seriously considered Yoga a gateway to demonic possession.  Seriously.  

Oh, how far I’ve come.

Yesterday I completed my fourth Yoga class in six days, I don’t think I’m ready for an exorcism.

Yoga does wonders for Ambien absorption, let me tell you.  I’ve worked out every day for the last ten days, after dinner, and within an hour of coming home I take the Ambien.  I fall asleep eventually, not much else happens.  But if I take the Ambien after Yoga, within fifteen minutes I’m staggering around the house like a drunk and literally pass out the moment I hit the bed.  It’s lovely.

I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels, and it’s a heck of a workout too.  Hopefully it will help me with my terrible posture, and everything else….

Of course this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gone all gung-ho over a new hobby only to ditch it within weeks.

But I bought a yoga mat — not the deluxe with the special carrying case — just the cheap, Target mat.  If the yoga thing doesn’t last I figure at least I’ll have something nice, soft, and cushy to wrap my shortwave radio, the Juiceman, and my two radio scanners up in for their trip to the attic.

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One Response to Yo-mama

  1. Mommy Dearest says:

    Don’t laugh, but I did Yoga for a whole month about five years ago. I gave it up shortly after and decided I better have bladder surgery before trying it again. I really did like it. Could you have picked a more disgusting picture? eewww! Anyway…good for you!

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