Peas in a pod

This is why I’m so anxious to move Hope into Grace’s room.  Grace has started  climbing into Hope’s crib, not to torment her or take her toys away, instead she just snuggles up next to her and makes sure that all the musical crib toys are queued up.

These are the moments that just take my breath away, coming into the room expecting chaos and finding only two cutest kids I’ve every seen snuggling together…just happy.

Grace has shown no interest in removing Hope from the crib, why would she — Hope as all the coolest toys set up in her crib.  I’m kind of, sort of, wondering, if I could get away with making the big shift on my own while Tammy is at work.  It’s been a really, really long time since Tammy came home to a house she did not recognize…it would be like old times.  Shoot me, I like to rearrange furniture.

I’m pretty sure I paid enough attention to how to partially dissemble the crib to get it back in Grace’s room and back together.  Once it’s in there the overall theme of  the room has to change from play to quiet time/sleep time.  So almost all the toys that are in the bedroom would be out in the playroom.   Soft toys and books, crayons, those could stay — we could get a little table and chairs.

The thing is, I want to paint the room a different color, change the accents, the works.  I wanted to do all of that before we made the big switch but now I’m torn.  I’m ready to get them together, they love each other to pieces.  I would like a better shot of what is going on in the room than what I get through the video monitor.  I’d kind of like wireless computer camera, then I could record the goofy/genius stuff Grace gets into in there.  Any ideas?

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2 Responses to Peas in a pod

  1. bretagne says:

    I used to be great at assembling anything from memory, then I had 2 kids. Do yourself a favor and download your crib’s assembly instructions from the company’s website. Then you won’t have scratches down the sides like I do from trying to force pieces apart thet are quite ingeniously fastened with a minute screw requiring an allan wrench. Ugh, I sound like Heloise.

  2. Mommy Dearest says:

    Grace is such a little goof ball. Is Hope laughing or crying?

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