Spring Cleaning 2009 Extravagaza, sponsored by Zoloft

This has been a remarkably productive week, the best indication that I have at the moment that the Zoloft has finally started to work.

It started harmlessly enough, I just went to the garage to pull the big blue tub marked “12 months” so I could see what hand-me-downs Hope would be getting from Grace for the summer.  Then there was a return trip with the 6-9 month clothes we’ve outgrown for that tub.  Plus then I had to peek into the 3T tub for any possibilities for Grace.  We’ve got maternity through preemie all the way to 7Ts “tubbed up” in our garage, just stacked three or four high.  Inevitably, what you’re looking for is at the bottom of the pile, so you have to move everything….ack.

This will not do.

So Tuesday, when the girls went down for their nap, I went to work in the garage.  Now, bless her heart, Tammy tries to keep the garage organized but at a certain point there is just too much stuff to organize.  What I bring to the table is a passion for throwing things away — GET RID OF IT!!! — that’s my motto when it comes to spring cleaning.  So while the girls napped, and Tammy was safely away at school, I filled two garbage cans, loaded the back of my car, condensed smaller tubs into larger tubs, got all of the clothing tubs onto our shelve system so I don’t have to play musical tubs every time I need something.    I dropped off the giveaways at church — I told the secretary, “I have to do it right after she gets home, before she starts asking questions.”

My garage project was merely a warm up for the disaster that has become my house.  I get that I’m going to have toys and child-related-clutter around my house because I have children.  But it’s gotten pretty bad.  Grace’s playroom just looked like Toys R Us barfed all over it, her bedroom wasn’t much better.  We used to make everything go back in its place before bed, but that was becoming pointless recently.  First of all, there is more stuff than places to put stuff, and secondly, I’m lazy.

Then I saw these:




Oh how I love Closetmaid cubicle stackable easy-to-assembly particle-board with white laminate storage organizing furniture, with optional doors and canvas boxes.  I bought three of them.


Here is Grace’s playroom before:

…and after:

I did something similar to her bedroom.  I had told her that she would get a “new room” before Baby Hope moved in.  I actually have in mind to repaint the room, get new window and wall decorations — really do a makeover of the room so that it isn’t so much Hope moving into Grace’s room and Hope & Grace moving into their new room together.  Not sure when we’ll get around to painting, probably not before summer.  But when I asked her what she thought of her “new room,” she said she loved it and now “Baby Hope can sleep with me!”

That move is only partially underway.  Hope is still sleeping safe and snug in her crib in my bedroom, but her clothes are now put away in the girls closet.  I have half of my nightstand back, the other half now has diapers and wipes in it….a small trade-off for having my entire kitchen sink back.  We’ll see if I can bear to sleep with her clothes in a different room for a month before we boot her completely.

I’ve managed to fill every blue tub from the garage I had managed to empty by packing away all the diaper rags, changing pads, receiving blankets, many other blankets, my boppy & assorted boppy covers, not to mention the $400 worth of custom baby-wraps I bought before and after Hope was born convinced that I would wear baby #2 everywhere while Grace and I maintained our pre-baby routine.  Of course Hope had her own plans, she was not very easy to put in the wraps.  When I bought them they had me practice with a cabbage patch doll, and it seemed easy enough except that the doll ended up having more muscle tone than my baby and putting her in the wrap was a little like trying to wrap cottage cheese.

It’s a bit weird.  For three years, the second drawer of the dresser in Grace’s room has had diaper rags and changing pads.  They were neatly folded in there before she was born, they never moved, they were there waiting when Hope was born.  Now suddenly they’re gone, and I don’t know if they’ll ever come out again.  Some of the stuff I’ve boxed up, things Hope has outgrown, I wonder if we’ll ever see them again.  Is it weird to want another child just so that you feel like you got your money’s worth out of the clothes?

Anyway, back to my marathon.  I organized the girls closet, cleaned out old clothes, hung up new clothes.  Then I reclaimed my closet which for two years has doubled as our “home office” with most of our office supplies and files.  The supplies cart got wheeled into the hall closet.  Of course that displaced the vacuum cleaner, which now lives in my closet, along with the files, who are still there but take up much less space along the back wall than they did the side wall.  The back wall was freed up by claiming one of the two toy racks I emptied in Grace’s bedroom and playroom for my shoes.

My shoes now have colorful storage, and I am taking better advantage of vertical storage space.

After all that, I moved my slightly tragic one of these:

…that has been my laptop stand/bookcase/stacks of stuff to go through depository into the closet and replaced it with the cute little two-drawer accent table from Pier 1 that was in the entry way serving as winter hat/glove/scarves storage….which is now in a blue tub in the garage.

There’s plenty more to do…isn’t there always?  But at least for the moment the chaos has been somewhat contained.  There is still the top shelf of Grace’s closet, what is up there?  I’ve got filing and straightening in my closet to do…and what is on the top shelf of my closet?  Then there is the hall closet, which isn’t that bad…not due for major reorganization (like the pantry), just some tidying up.  I need to go through my clothes for Goodwill, but I’m pretty sure I did a big clean-up last summer on that end.  That only leaves Tammy’s closet, poor woman…we’ve got to figure something out for her closet.  

For the time being though, I’m done.  I got bit by the bug, I got it out of my system.  I may or may not finish my closet (at least) by the time we go on Spring Break but I’m not sweating the rest.


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3 Responses to Spring Cleaning 2009 Extravagaza, sponsored by Zoloft

  1. Wifie says:

    I keep noticing things “missing” from the garage. Where the heck are they? Did you get ride of some “good stuff”? You know, stuff I was “keeping” for “someday”? Every time I go out to the garage, I notice something else “not there”. Hmmmm….this was a deep spring cleaning.

  2. Wifie says:

    By the way…my closet is fine just the way it is. Don’t touch it. Yet.

  3. Mommy Dearest says:

    Please let me know when you clean Tammy’s closet. I’ll bring her beer.

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