Peeps, Pop Rocks, and an Easter Bunny on crack

A photographic essay of Grace & Hope’s Easter Sunday…

The Easter Bunny came to Mema and Papa’s house, he left a trail of carrots from the driveway.  Apparently, the Easter Bunny drives.

Yes, of course Grace picked up a carrot and ate it — you knew she would.  The Easter Bunny left two baskets, one for Grace and one for Hope.  Grace stole the toy from Hope’s basket.  Mommy ate most of Hope’s marshmallows.

The Easter Bunny left 92 of these little beauties around Mema & Papa’s house and backyard.



For two kids, one of whom can’t walk and has no idea what an egg or a bunny is.

72 had to be opened and were filled with chocolate and money.  We have a pretty cool Easter Bunny, our Easter Bunny has a chocolate problem and a lot of spare change which excuses the fact that our Easter Bunny must be smoking crack.  92 eggs people.  

I’ve got to hand it to the Easter Bunny though, for an old rabbit it sure hid those eggs in a hurry since we had to call and give it five minutes notice so it could hide the eggs right before we got there so the chocolate didn’t melt.  Yes, I have the Easter Bunny’s phone number.  If you ask nicely, I might post it online.

Fortunately, we brought one very ambulatory two-year old (who is not wearing sandals), who loves eggs, chocolate, and money.  She also loves to find things and put them in buckets, these are skills that made her very useful today.

Hope collected a few eggs before she tired of the process and was left to roast in the sunshine by her other mother….while I took pictures of her, in her adorable new sandals.

OK, where did everybody go?  I’m hot.  Put down the camera, woman, and take me inside!

From here on out, it’s pretty much just pictures of Hope because…well, she was just cuter today — sorry.  No, actually Grace was pretty busy with the manual labor of taking apart all of the eggs and separating the goodies the Easter Bunny left us, money in one dish, chocolate in another, marshmallows were given to B-Ho and Grandma (mommy stole most of B-Ho’s marshmallows), and the Seven Dwarfs were grouped with Snow White, Prince Charming, and the Mean Queen (they came in the baskets).  Anyway, the sorting wasn’t that photogenic…this was though:



Sugar has no effect on me!

The Easter Bunny also brought Pop Rocks.  

What the hell?!?!

Seriously!?!??  What in God’s name did I do to you? Why are you laughing?

I have about fifty more pictures of this, but they are all too blurry because I was laughing so hard.  Honestly, what’s the point of having children if you can’t Pop Rock-ambush them?  She survived.


Hope with her namesake, my grandma Hope.

Did you see what they did to me, grandma?


So those are the highlights of Hope & Grace’s visit from the Easter Bunny.

But of course the real highlight….


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5 Responses to Peeps, Pop Rocks, and an Easter Bunny on crack

  1. Kari says:

    That second photo of Hope & Hope is a definite framer. I love it!

  2. Mommy Dearest says:

    The Easter Bunny does NOT do “crack”. He is “high on LOVE”

  3. Jen says:

    I was hoping you’d say that crack is cheap and the Easter Bunny has way too much money to ever do crack.

  4. Angela says:

    I LOVE the new pictures of Hope! The ones on the blanket outside are adorable! and with the peeps!!! So cute!!!

  5. Christa says:

    OMG, Pop Rocks…ROTFL. I should not be left alone with children. My mind is just turning now.

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