Storm watcher

OK, I’m going to come right out and admit it — I am a huge fan of gay marriage.  I love opposite marriage too, for the record.  I know it’s a hot-button issue right now, and I confess to having a streak of activism in me that sometimes puts me in a rather foul mood on the whole topic.  But occasionally something like this just drops into your lap with a big ‘ol red bow on top of it….

God bless ’em, they try so hard.


before the funny parodies, here’s an genuine response — and it’s beautifully done, FYI–the priest featured is Susan Russell of All Saints Episcopal in Pasadena and the author of the Inch at a Time blog linked here and to the left.

and now….let the madness begin…after the jump.

I ❤ Jane Lynch and her giant, gay repellent umbrella…

…”they’re taking away my Asianinity”

the Colbert response: 

the Broadway response:

kind of obvious Twister response:

from the brownbow coalition:

the digital response (language):

apparently the audition tapes got leaked and have been intermittently available on You Tube, fortunately “Fritz” has re-enacted them for our enjoyment…

…that’s all for now, but the hits just keep on coming …go to You Tube and search “NOM Parody” for the latest.

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