Third time’s the charm

Wow, it’s been forever since I have blogged…sorry.

The truth is things have been really, really quiet lately and generally great (not that I only write when they’re not…just sayin’).  The weather has been lovely and we’ve been spending a lot of time outside just enjoying the springtime.  I’ve been puttering around the garden like I used to and have enjoyed relaxing with my old hobby.  Last Friday the girls and I went and bought ourselves a bunch of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and corn and this morning we planted them.  Before Grace was born I had a fairly impressive container garden but things kind of got away from me during the “new mom”-period and then everything really got away from me during the “new special-needs mom”-period.  The last couple of weeks especially, as I’ve gotten a bit more balanced, as the meds have kicked in, as I’ve resumed my old duties of gardening and laundry I’ve been realizing just how out of it I’ve been for the last year.  It’s kind of sad, but I’m trying to focus on the positive.  Things are going great, I’m happy, I’m still doing the yoga-thing as much as I can, the girls are good, nobody got the Hamthrax, I can’t complain.

So the only bit of real news is this…say hello to the newest member of our family:

Don’t laugh, he’s not pretty (yet) but give him a month or two and this little guy is going to be adorable.  

A couple weeks back we started talking about maybe getting a new dog.  Cosmo has been alone for three years now, and we thought that maybe it was time to get him a buddy.  Cosmo is 12, pretty old for a dog but he’s in good shape and sweet as can be.  But he’s always been one of a herd of pets, after our older dog passed he at least had the three cats but two of them passed last summer.  The backyard was starting to seem a little empty.  Hopefully the puppy will put a little spunk back in him and also take some of the responsibility of being the family dog off of his old shoulders.

So the new pup came to us through a rescue organization.  He’s actually the third dog we looked at in the last week.  The first one didn’t like big dogs, the second got adopted by somebody else.  I was pretty bummed out by the first two disappointments and wasn’t too sure I wanted to try again so soon but the lady from the rescue emailed me after she met him and thought he might be a good match for us.  Third time’s the charm.

He’s a poodle/bichon-mix as best we can tell.  I’ve always wanted a poodle.  If you think he looks bad up there, you should see what he looked like a week ago when he got taken in as a stray to the shelter.  

Poor guy was so matted-down he had to be shaved and the mats caused hotspots and sores all over his head and ears, plus he’s got a few bites from another animal.  He’s on antibiotics and healing fine but he’s a little head-shy and exhausted.  Though he’s only about a year old he’s clearly had a rough life so far, and we’re not sure if he’s ever really had a family but he seems like a sweet little guy.

He fell in love with Tammy immediately (and she him), and Hope also really liked him — in fact, at the moment she’s doing her bestest to get to where he is laying on the couch.  Hope has been getting more and more interested in the pets recently, animals of all sorts really.  She didn’t have  much of an opinion on the first two dogs we looked at but there was definitely a spark between her and this guy.

He came with the name ‘Rocky’, though he’d only had it for about 24 hours and doesn’t answer to it (or anything for that matter).  It is kind of fitting, he’s definitely a beat-up underdog, but we’re not sure if we’re going to keep it yet.  We’re open to suggestions.  The only contender right now is “Mellow Johnny” — for the uninitiated that is the American “mispronunciation”, coined by Lance Armstong, of the French word ‘maillot jaune‘ (“yellow jersey”), the jersey that he wore 83 times as overall leader of the Tour de France.  We’re cycling junkies around here, in case you didn’t know.  

Anyways, you’ve got to be pretty tough to wear a mellow johnny.

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4 Responses to Third time’s the charm

  1. denise ramirez says:

    Rocky is adorable and I hope you keep him. He needs a family who is as devoted, loving and comitted as your home is. As an advocate for rescue pets….please give Rocky a home.

    Mellow Johnny is an amazing name!

    P.S. I love your photos of the girls. Tell T2, I said hello. 🙂

  2. Jeannette says:

    Congrats on the new dog! He looks like a sweetheart and I’m glad you rescued him. I worked for a pet rescue org for 2+ years and wanted to take them all home, everyday.

    Just wanted to say that I am so glad you are starting to feel a “bit more balanced.” I went through the exact, exact, exact same thing. It is hard to describe how it feels when you start coming out of it. I think I’ve commented before how I felt like I was in a fog for an entire year. Even A’s first birthday held little joy for me. He’s 20 months now and I can’t wait for his 2nd Birthday.

    Have a great week!

  3. diane says:

    I am suggesting you name him Horace. It’s a combination of Hope & Grace. I have no idea why I think this is a good name…it could be the multiple glasses of wine I consumed this evening….but I like it better than my other “combined” name of Grope (Grace & Hope).

  4. Jen says:

    I would suggest you get drunk more often.

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