Allow me to explain

So, how’d you like Grace’s Mother’s Day post?

Here’s the backstory.  Grace loves Harry and the Hendersons — and who (with a soul) doesn’t?  She likes to run through the west side of our backyard, along the perimeter of the fence, where it is “woody” and pretend that she’s running through the forest a la Harry.  

About a month ago, maybe longer, when she was really upset at us (or tired, sad, or just plain ‘two’) she started talking about missing her family.  Her real family, which apparently does not include us — any of us, grandparents, aunts and uncles included.  She started talking about her “parents” and her “home”, again — not us.

So more recently, when I correct her for doing something inappropriate — like climbing the pantry shelves to retrieve the Easter Candy I rightfully  stole from her, or like today when she fed the goldfish Miracle-Gro tree spikes — she informs me (yells at me) that I should go away, that she’s going to go home to the forest with her family.

A few weeks ago, in one of her calm moments I inquired about this other “family” — who were they exactly?  A few questions later we arrived at their true identity.  They are the Hendersons.

Here they are in action:

LOL — Show him the pasta maker!

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