The Art of Compromise

We’re back on the bottle. 

The baby bottle that is.

And by “we,” I mean Hope.

Why the bottle?  First, she’s willing to take the bottle again — where for awhile she wasn’t; and second, she sucks more efficiently from the bottle than from anything else.  Tammy mentioned that at Hope’s last early intervention appointment, she was playing with a baby doll — cradling it her arms and rocking it-when er teacher gave her a bottle to pretend feed the baby, she only wanted to pretend feed herself.

Now, every baby book published since 1990 will tell you that once the baby is ready for a sippy, you’re supposed to ditch the bottle.  And definitely never, ever, ever, put your baby in his/her crib with the bottle or they’ll turn into a serial killer (or something like that).  

I admit to being a bottle snob.  I had it easy with Grace.  She nursed from the boob, never touched a bottle — we didn’t even have one in the house…never needed it.  Once she weaned herself at 10 months, she was on a sippy with a straw, then a sippy.  Hope was different as you know.  There was no breastfeeding, just a lot of pumping, hundreds of dollars invested in every shape and size of bottle and nipple until we found the combination she’d accept.  When Hope finally rejected the bottle, also around 10 months, I was relieved.  I thought that the sippy would follow, and even though her difficulty in mastering it was no great surprise, the fact that she never really adapted was.

I realize that she won’t be on the bottle forever, and that sooner or later she will master the sippy and even drink from a cup.  But for now the need to get calories and hydration into her outweighs all the admonitions on the evils of the bottle.

It probably comes as no surprise that we are pretty “by-the-book” parents.  We read Your Baby and Child, by Penelope Leach like an owner’s manual for all of Grace’s first 18-months….literally, like every day.  A lot of the advice on bottle protocol is relates to research tying prolonged/inappropriate bottle use to things like obesity and dental problems — two things inextricably linked to Prader Willi Syndrome.  So, obviously, the bottle has always been a necessary evil.

But for now the bottle is back.  Unfortunately, back during my spring cleaning blitz I shipped every last bottle we had to the second-hand store.  But at least Hope is less particular now, the Gerber 6 oz (BPA-free) clear plastic bottle with the super-fast flow nipple (which we STILL have to cut to make it easier to suck) will do just fine.

Compromise.  ugh.


Rocking her baby anteater, Arvy...just last night.

Rocking her baby anteater, Arvy...just last night.

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2 Responses to The Art of Compromise

  1. Stacey says:

    Are you sure she isn’t sipping on that Corona in the background?? 😉

  2. Vikki says:

    She looks absolutely adorable cuddling that anteater. So sweet.

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