The more things change…

princess goober

still a goober

Last year’s resolution:  Lose 20 pounds.

This year’s resolution:  Lose 30 pounds.  Yeah, I didn’t do so good on that one.  I probably lost ten, then gained twenty.  I’m a food junkie, Oprah should do a show on me.  I’m joining NutriSystem, my first package has already been shipped.
Last year’s resolution:  Have another baby or give up completely any thoughts of ever having another baby, and to be fine with either decision.

Well, my uterus is retired and I’m generally ok with that decision.  I’m 36 now and oddly comfortable with two little girls instead of the three little boys I imagined.  I have my moments of regret, but I gave the maternity clothes and newborn-12 month clothes away so there’s no going back….right?

This year’s resolution:  Run a half-marathon.  They’ll give me an epidural for that, won’t they?

Last year’s resolution: Learn to sew.

This year’s resolution: Learn to sew.

Last year’s resolution/This year’s resolution:  Get back to the zoo on a regular basis.  Once a week, let’s say Thursdays.
Last year’s resolution:  See a broadway show. DONE — WICKED!!!! it was awesome.

Last year’s resolution/This year’s resolution:  More date nights.  I think we failed miserably at this, we need a set night — like the second Saturday of each month.

Last year’s resolution:  Less internet activity.

This year’s resolution:  Less internet shopping.  Clearly, last year’s resolution was too broad.  Besides, this year I discovered Twitter.

Last year’s resolution:  Less political activity

This year’s resolution:  Less profanity, obviously contingent on a renewed commitment to continuing last year’s resolution.

Last year’s resolution:  More Indian food.  More beer.

I don’t think I ate Indian food once this year, which is odd since it may be the one cuisine I didn’t eat a ton of this past year.  I think the beer one was a resounding success though.

This year’s resolution:  To not think about food all damn day.

New Resolutions for 2010:

1.  Use public transportation more.  This is a pretty low bar, considering I’ve never once ridden the bus locally.

2.  Walk the kids/dogs frequently.

3.  Continue working on getting “greener” — obviously #1 & #2 lend themselves to this, but so would hitting the farmer’s market and cooking at home more often, and getting back to line-drying the clothes as soon as it’s practical, and getting that compost bin we’ve been talking about for two years….I’ll bet I can find one online to buy. ;D

4.  Write on the blog at least four times a week.  Mind you, they’re not going to be the long, philosophical pity-parties I’m accustomed to throwing — I haven’t got time, I’ve got TWO toddlers now.

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2 Responses to The more things change…

  1. Roni says:

    I have read your tweets before about running and about losing weight. I have used SparkPeople (free) and lost 40 pounds. There are lots of exercises and running tips there as well.

  2. maya says:

    Wow! It’s great to see you back. Hope is such a big girl now! I can’t believe the change in just a few months.
    Happy new year! I look forward to reading more. I had just about given up on you!

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