Have you seen my poodle?

Because he is AWESOME!!!

The aerodynamic poodle, designed specifically for running companionship.

The awesome-tastic "poohawk" reduces the effects of "poodle drag"

Johnny goes running with me (if you can call what I do “running” — it’s actually more of a “mom shuffle”), anyways — he needs to be aerodynamic so as to reduce the effects of “poodle drag”.

No really.

Oh alright, he enjoyed being a farm dog so much this past week that despite two baths in 4 days he was too matted.   I tried leaving some around his core, but my mom said he looked like a tampon walking on Q-Tips.  She’s so mean.

But I figured he at least deserved to have a rockin’ haircut if we had to do it.

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2 Responses to Have you seen my poodle?

  1. Moomy Dearest says:

    Now he looks like “Super Tampon”. LMAO

  2. Jen says:

    ur super mean — the things I am going to do to your dogs when you are sedated.

    keep talkin’ mema, keep talkin’….

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