Get in Gear for Hope

As you may (or may not) know, Tammy is an avid cyclist and within days of getting our PWS diagnosis for Hope we were already talking about maybe someday organizing a bike race or something to raise awareness for Prader-Willi Syndrome.  Well, that’s still a ways off — the support group we organized hasn’t even met since….I don’t know….last May?  I’ve been slacking — or hiding….probably hiding.

OK, definitely hiding.

Anyhoo, just because there’s no ride organized yet doesn’t mean we can’t raise some awareness!  With the help of a friend who is a graphic designer, Tammy worked with the good folks at PWSAUSA to design the Ride for Hope cycling kit.

Here she is with our good friend, Diana — sporting the kit.  Pretty sweet huh?  So far every time she’s ridden she’s been asked about it.  The company we purchased the kits from also does running and triathalon gear, as well as casual sportswear.  At the present time I don’t think the national organization is stocking any gear but if you’re interested, use the comments or contact form to let me know — we have to have a minimum of 10 pieces per order.

I’m looking forward to wearing a “Run for Hope” singlet this summer!

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