State of Mind


As I write this, Hope is toddling around the house yelling, “WHEEEEEEEE!!!”

First she was spinning in circles.  Now, mind you, she barely took her first steps two months ago and really only decided to walk exclusively in the last few weeks.  So she’s not exactly moving…well…fast.  In fact it took me a minute to figure out that she was “spinning,” as her circles were a little wide.  But she had the arm movements approximately right, and of course there was the “WHEEEEEEE!!!”

I think I could learn something from Hope on this.  I’ve been “jogging” since October, and I say “jogging,” because much of what I’ve done probably hasn’t really looked much like real jogging to anybody who was watching (which is why I try to run under the shroud of darkness).  Still, I have made progress — I went from doing 2 mile jog/walks (mostly walking) in 35 minutes to something that can actually be considered running.  Two days ago I ran 4.23 miles in a 12:37 mile.  No, it’s not fast — but my form is improving and I am enjoying myself a lot more.

But really, the fact that I am out there at all is worth celebrating.


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One Response to State of Mind

  1. bethannon says:

    Definitely worth celebrating! And I’ll remind you again that for us people with short legs, 12:35 is a moderately fast pace. Take it easy out there and don’t hurt yourself!

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