I love shoes

I love running shoes to be specific.  I love running shoes so much I have registered for my first marathon.  I figure I’ll get to buy at least one more pair of running shoes before the big day, November 7.  Of course that’s not the only reason I registered for the marathon, but it is at least 57% of the reason.

I had planned on doing the half-marathon, but truthfully the thought of doing the full has been kind of lurking in the back of my head for quite awhile now.   I ran 8 miles on Mother’s Day, so I know I can do the half-marathon — for some reason I feel the need to commit myself to something I really don’t know if I can do.  Does that make sense?

I’m signed up for an 18-week training program that starts in July, so for the next four weeks I’ll just work on foundation miles and getting whatever pronation issues I seem to be having under control.  I’ve spent the last two days resting, icing, compressing, and elevating my shins which were a little aggravated – either from running in worn-out shoes, or because I seem to pronate a little, or both — tomorrow I’ll make my maiden voyage in my new stability shoes.  Aren’t they pretty?

the Saucony ProGrid Guide 3

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One Response to I love shoes

  1. erica rose says:

    Woot, we have the same new running shoes!! You’re gonna kick ass, it’s gonna be freakin epic. Can’t wait to see your training updates!

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