Breaking In

Official Marathon Training Day #1 – Breaking in the new shoes.

The good news: my left shin didn’t bother me at all and the right one loosened up after 1.5 miles.  The right calf was fine the whole way through and the left on loosened up after 2 miles but was never “great.”


The bad news:  slooooooooooow.  Maybe it’s the shoes, they aren’t as super comfy as my old shoes, which were like running with marshmallows taped to my feet.  My biggest complaint is the lacing situation.  My old Asics had a slightly offset and diagonal lacing bed, which looks kind of funky at first but makes a lot of sense once you start running.  The new shoes have the standard lacing set up and it was cutting down on the bridge of my foot and making my toes numb.  I stopped a couple of times to loosen the laces, and then to unlace the top two loops.

So, my planned six-mile run got cut to 5 and though the time wasn’t great – I’m going to blame it on new shoes.  Came home and had some of the wife’s improvised recovery drink (whey + heed) then spent awhile researching how long it takes to break in new running shoes (Answers range from “you shouldn’t have to” to “4 to 6 weeks”) – which is kind of important because I’ve got a 30-day return window on these shoes, if they aren’t going to work I need to find that out pretty soon.  My last pair of Saucony’s didn’t work out very well, so I am a bit skeptical of the brand – and I just loved my Asics so much.  I found a pretty good article though on about breaking in running shoes so I’m going to try a new lacing pattern and I’m going to wear the shoes full-time for a couple of weeks just to give them their fair shot.

Today’s times:

Yoga tonight, tomorrow’s a rest day.

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2 Responses to Breaking In

  1. Kelli says:

    Go Jen! For a second, I thought your wife’s recovery drink spelled out “weed”. Which would probably be a pretty awesome recovery drink!

  2. Jen says:

    well, from what I’ve heard – you’re my source in case I need some of that ;D

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