I need to take a shower.  I stink.

Unfortunately, Mr. Poo has not yet made his arrival today and it is very, very important to greet Mr. Poo as soon as he arrives otherwise someone might take Mr. Poo out and “play” with him.  Mr. Poo is a messy playmate.  Also, Mr. Poo smells worse than I do at the moment.  Therefore, I am unable to take a shower until Mr. Poo arrives.  I am a hostage of poo.On the bright side, Hope is right on target in the developmental phase of “playing with poo.”  So I guess I should be grateful?

Today’s run data:

A little faster, but still much slower than I have been running.  Not sure why, maybe it’s running in the morning?  I have been running later in the day for the last month or so, after 5pm most days.  It seems to be taking me a good 3 miles to even loosen up which is frustrating on a 5-mile run.  Shins and calves were less stiff and sore than two days ago, which is good.

Haven’t decided whether to take a rest day tomorrow and try a long run on Saturday, or to try a light trail run tomorrow and save the long run for Sunday.  We shall see…

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