I don’t like rest.  Not because I am one of those cheerful, productive people who always have to be doing something, accomplishing something, or going somewhere.  No, I don’t like rest because I am a lazy ass and, for me, “rest” just feels like the beginning of “quitting.”  I hate to quit, but I’ve done it so much that it feels like a part of my basic personality structure.  

So I went out for a run tonight and immediately felt a sharp pain in the right shin.  My leg wasn’t bothering at all around the house today, so I am still hopeful that whatever this is is transient (because it was bothering me around the house yesterday).  I turned around after those first few steps and came back home.  I spent the evening constructing a cage with my backyard guinea pig cage to protect them from the neighborhood cats, who I think may have picked off a newborn sometime today or last night.  I’ll post pictures later, it kind of looks like an Imperial Star Cruiser, but for guinea pigs.

After that was done I came in and iced my shin, straight ice, right on the leg — enough pussing around with that blue-ice-crap wrapped in a towel.  Yesterday’s scheduled rest day has now turned into two, and with my procedure tomorrow I’m unlikely to run again until Saturday at the earliest, Sunday most likely.  That’ll be 4 days off.  That’s an awful lot.  My general mood is not helped by the fact that in my depression over the lost run and the anxiety over tomorrow’s deal I ate three Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits, each containing 3999 calories.

I just gotta tell myself that it’s just a short rest, it’s necessary, turning back tonight was a wise choice – not quitting, and not running the next few days is inconvenient and sucky but comes at a good time.  I just gotta tell myself that and have Tammy hide the chocolate and biscuits.

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2 Responses to Rest

  1. Bet Hannon says:

    Have you been bumping up your weekly total miles too fast (ie. more than 10% per week)? When I do that, I often get shin splints.

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