First off, let me remind you that I share because I care.

Okay.  I’m a real runner now.

I thought I was a real runner the first time I got “runners trots” — but looking back, that was probably just mild heatstroke.

I felt like a runner when the cause of my shin splints was ruled as overtraining in expired running shoes.

I was even somewhat proud of the one week I had to take off because of my anterior tibial tendonitis (the shin splint pain that wouldn’t go away from the last post).  The week off was made much easier by the fact that I had the flu for most of it.  I still hit the gym almost every day for upper-body strength training.  I figured I made good use of my time, I cross-trained, like real runners do.

But the there was this.

So, here is the map from this morning’s run, my first run since last Monday.

Of course, the first thing you might notice is the huge diagonal line which would seem to indicate that I either flew over my neighborhood, or ran through people’s back yards.  Actually, what it shows is that I have forgotten how to use my GPS device and didn’t figure it out for half a mile.  Let me zoom in on the real highlight of the run…

I realized I had a problem fairly early in the run.  I thought I could run through it.  I was quite wrong.  Instead of making my regular loop, I made a left turn about .5 miles early and planned to make yet another shortcut through the neighborhood.  I crossed the road but it was too late, I had to make a dash back to the field, and into the field where there are some tallish weed thingys.  Thank GOD I ran early this morning, there wasn’t any traffic except for the school bus that almost ran over me as I crossed the street of on my way to the field.

TMI?  Stop reading now.

I paint a picture for you.

Other than that, it was a decent, if slow, and short, run.  The shin was not as bad as before, but not totally healed either.  I took an Alleve, no running tomorrow, and will give it another go on Thursday.  I may wait until the evening.

UPDATE: While I published this post, Hope got into her diaper for her own “code brown.”  Gah. :-/

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