Tomorrow is the first official day of my marathon-training program.  I am well rested.

And nervous as hell.

I haven’t run more than a 5K in three weeks.  I took my mandatory, doctor-ordered one week off — which conveniently coincided with the flu.  I attempted a run one week after (which you may recall as the “Code: Brown”-run.  That run was painful enough (in more ways than one) that I took another week off.  I attempted a run on the treadmill while on vacation in Lake Tahoe, and one very short, downhill trail run.  Both were long enough to know that I hadn’t healed, but was healing.  So I figured, what the hell, I’ve already taken two weeks off — might as well go for three.

I have tried to make good use of my time off.  I’ve been lifting weights like crazy and watching my diet.  I’ve dropped a few more pounds (I’m now at minus 14 lbs from January).  I haven’t done anything over this long weekend, though that was a planned break, and has also – conveniently – coincided with my not feeling too great.

I think my  not feeling well over the last few days has been a combination of vacation-lag, depression from not running for three weeks, and general scared-shitlessness for tomorrow.  How soon will my fitness come back?  Will my tendon be healed enough?  Will I be the slowest, fatest, most loser-ish person out there?  My first doubts could not have come at a worse time.

So today I’m working on getting my act together, eating well, hydrating, and working on some motivation — time to watch some of The Spirit of the Marathon, maybe a little Without Limits, maybe some Chariots of Fire.  Maybe all of them.  One of my favorite motivators is a podcast I found, Two Gomers Run A Marathon (there is also a half-marathon version, which was actually their first season).  I’m a gomer, definitely.

Tomorrow, I become a marathon-trainee.  Wish me luck!

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