As seen on the trail…

I do most of my training on a paved footpath that runs along the San Joaquin River Parkway.  Even on days when it reaches 106, by 730 p.m. the trail is warm but pleasant.  I am told I will really appreciate training on the hills when I am running the mostly flat marathon.  I’m a little bummed and surprised that no part of the marathon uses the trail.

My favorite time to run the trail is in the evening, and there is a lot of mountain bike single track that runs parallel to the paved trail that is fun for a romp.  Unfortunately I only get to do that kind of trail running once a week, but it’s a fun change of pace and good for a recovery run because I have no choice but to run slower.  The best part of the trail right now though has got to be the wildlife.  

I’ve seen coyotes in the mornings, though they were in a lower section than what I’m using now.  On the top trail it’s mostly lizards and rodents, but the ground literally moves in front of you with every step you take as baby lizards, mice, gophers, and bunnies scurry from their hiding/basking spots to take cover.  Here’s a few fellow travelers I caught this week…

Can you see the baby bunny? Look for the cotton-tail in the middle of the photo.

this guy wasn't looking so good, he let me get way too close.

this little guy was oblivious to my presence, whatever those little blossom thingys are must sure taste good.

After I noticed the first mouse in the bush I started paying closer attention, some of the bushes looked like Christmas Trees with mouse ornaments there were so many little guys munching on them.

All told I logged 14 miles this week.  I kind of run-walked my 3 mile recovery last night — it was darn hot on the single-track and besides, this was the first time I added the prescribed recovery run to my training regime.  My tendonitis is improving but not cured, so I took it really, really easy.

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One Response to As seen on the trail…

  1. Thank you for sharing such a special encounter with the Holy. As someone too unhealthy to be able to have such an experience anymore, it was invigorating to have someone so eloquently describe this moment suspended in time. You made me feel like I was jogging stride by stride with you.

    I really think you should be considering freelance writing. You’ve got a gift!

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