Busy Week, Tired Mommy

Today ended week 3 of my marathon training.  Next week is a recovery week, thank God.  We “ramp up” for three weeks and then have one week of lower mileage and intensity workouts before we bump things up for another three weeks.  The workouts this week were all longer in both mileage and intensity.  Instead of 3-mile runs on Tuesday and Thursday, we did 4-mile runs, plus increased the length of our tempo portion and the number of intervals we did.  I finally got my independent Friday run up to the prescribed 3-miles, and today’s long run was 6 miles.  

Even though I felt fairly sucky at each workout I still somehow managed to keep my times on target, for every workout.  I’m more than a little amazed.  The only run I do in the heat is the Friday run, but I’ve been dragging anyway.  About 10 days ago I went back to the doctor for my fatigue, and he humored me by running another thyroid test (still normal).  I’m actually more healthy than I was three months ago when I saw him for fatigue as I am no longer anemic.  I did go back on the vitamin Z though and a few days ago got back on Ambien too.  Hopefully more rest, and more restful rest will help drag me out of my funk.

I’m eating more, or trying anyway.  I had two donuts this week, but even still I finally broke into the 130’s on the scale this morning.  I’m sure it’ll be gone by tomorrow, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen those numbers.  Maybe I should just eat donuts exclusively.  Donuts and Crystal Light.  I’ve probably got enough aspartame in my system to kill a colony of rats.

Amid all this chaos, heat, and exhaustion we added a puppy – which is exactly what you need when you’re so tired you just want to curl up in a ball and cry.  Woody is going to be my running partner when the whole marathon-thing, and my gall-bladder surgery/recovery are over.  He’ll be about 10 months old by that time.  I took a detour to the local animal shelter (the pound) dropping Grace at zoo camp.  I wasn’t really expecting to find anything but he caught my eye, reminding me of Cosmo when we first got him — even though they don’t look anything alike, just a similar disposition.  After a visit with the family we decided to adopt him, and two days later (after he got snipped) we brought him home.  I’m on full-time puppy duty but fortunately so far he’s been a quick learner.  So I’ve now added two long walks to my day so that he’s good and tired when it’s time to retire to his “den.”

Also, I’ve now become a dedicated devotee to Cesar Milan.  My parents worship him and I have derided them mercilessly in the past for their “creepy dog-Scientology shit.”  Serves me right.

He’s a pit mix of some sort, maybe some terrier – Jack Russell or Fox, we don’t know.  He doesn’t have the huge paws you’d expect on a really big breed, but just as long as he grows to my knee I’m sure we’ll do just fine.

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2 Responses to Busy Week, Tired Mommy

  1. M. Elizabeth Parker says:

    Hello. It’s past midnight and, as usual, I can’t sleep. After dozens of internet clicks, I can’t quite remember how I happened upon your site and blog here. But, it feels just a little… miraculous! Now that I’ve read a bit about your family, I want to say…thank you. Thank you for your courage. Most of all, thank you for providing this audio-visual-oasis of insight and inspiration. I think your Hope has hit some spiritual jackpot in having you two as her parents.

    Respectfully submitted 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    well thank you! how kind!

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