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4 Children Dead

Seth Walsh. Tyler Clementi. Asher Brown. Billy Lucas. Someone’s son.  Someone’s brother.  Someone’s grandson, nephew, cousin, friend.  Some were gay, some we don’t know…not that it matters really…what matters is someone thought they might be and that was reason enough … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End.

Today was the first run of the last set of “build up” weeks of the marathon training program I’m in.  The schedule has consisted of four, month-long sets, each consisting of three weeks of building up mileage and intensity, followed … Continue reading

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One day

I think about Prader-Willi Syndrome every second of every minute of every single day.  It never goes away.  It’s like when you get an annoying ringing in your ears, except it lasts the rest of your life.  Maybe that’s why … Continue reading

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What in God’s name is in the ranch dressing at Sweet Tomatoes?

You may recall that Grace and I have a history of rather interesting conversations over meals at Sweet Tomatoes–last time we were there she questioned the legitimacy of my birth.  Tonight was altogether different, but just as fascinating. Grace has … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle.

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I’m getting a tattoo and you can’t stop me

I think I said it on Facebook when I first decided to run, and registered for the marathon, but I’ll say again here just so there is no confusion.  If I finish the marathon, I’m getting a tattoo and nobody … Continue reading

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Halfway there

Well, I did it.  13.1 miles (13.38 to be more exact).  My very first half-marathon…well, faux half marathon – I didn’t get a t-shirt or anything, it was just a training run — but still! Coincidentally, this also marks the … Continue reading

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